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Princess Days!

This is a concept that I have seen on a lot of other Hime Gyaru sites. I don’t know who came up with the idea initially though :/ The idea is that you take a day to pamper yourself every other week or so. Basically do whatever you want to on that day. So I decided to try one out this weekend. ^-^


I left a hair mask on my hair all day and overnight! It feels in much better condition now. I also used a peel off face mask (Boots Own Brand, Would definitely recommend.) It got boring quite fast to be honest πŸ˜› I don’t really have much to do in my room here, it would have been amazing if I had some good films and video games. Though the day was very good for my hair πŸ˜›

I think next time I do a Princess Day I will put a bit more effort into it, like maybe going to get some fresh cupcakes and bread for lunch ^-^

*~*What would your perfect Princess day involve?*~*


Gyaru/Lolita (or any other style) on a Budget!

Gyaru is not a cheap style. The brand clothing is expensive, the more popular cosmetics are expensive and many of the hair additions are expensive. So what happens after you blow all your savings on those Jesus Diamante shoes? Or if you’re just starting out and don’t have enough for the full look? Fear not! I have compiled a few money saving tips. If you have any tips of your own please do not be afraid to add it in the comments ^-^ (Many if not all these tips will also be relevant for Lolita or other styles too)



Make-up can be expensive. Especially in Gyaru with all the different cosmetics you use. Considering most use several colours just for the face it can add up quickly! I used to buy most my cosmetics from a Pharmacy, but even their cheapest brand can be rather pricey if you need enough for the look. Plus the quality may not be fantastic. Recently, I have been using eBay for most of my cosmetics. You can find Korean/Japanese cosmetics for so cheap on there if you find the right shop. But watch out for fakes! False eyelashes are also available super cheap on either eBay or Amazon! And if you cut the lashes into smaller bits to glue on individually you can make them look more expensive than they really are.

Did you know that Korea is far ahead of western countries in terms of their cosmetics? They develop great quality make up and companies invest large amounts in developing cutting edge cosmetics. (Such as a Skin Cream version of Botox!) This means that most their cosmetics will be a high quality (even the cheap ones) and as they are far ahead of us.

Another thing you can try for skin care is DIY recipes. Such as a whipped egg white face mask that is good for tightening and purifying skin. It’s also very cheap and you can use the mask as a body mask to tighten areas prone to cellulite. Add Apple cider vinegar to the mask to make it even more purifying.

I save money on expensive face powder by using Talcum powder instead. One giant bottle of the stuff costs less than a single tiny palette of powder and will last you so much longer. A tiny amount of Talcum Powder will absorb any oil and shine for ages and barely needs to be topped up. Many of my friends were concerned that it would make them go white, but the amount needed is so small that it hardly makes you go paler. If (like me) you cannot find a foundation or concealer light enough, than this stuff will turn down the orange factor of it. Be careful not to inhale deeply while applying it as it has a tendency to go up your nose. (I have no idea how safe this is! So be aware, and note that in some countries it may not be the same formula)



For hair products, I would not recommend skipping on things like a moisturiser or heat protector. Gyaru hair is very damaging and you do not want to destroy your hair. Though it is likely you can find a cheaper alternative to your normal product on eBay. There are also lots of DIY recipes you can make, such as hair masks, to repair any damage for cheap. For Instance, Olive oil and egg is supposed to be good to apply to hair before washing. Though I haven’t tried it personally. I have tried solid coconut oil though, as it is meant for cooking it is cheap. But it makes a great hair mask to use pre-wash (and is also a body moisturiser.) Additions to hair, such as extensions, are far cheaper on eBay. I got my clip in extensions from a Chinese seller on eBay, they are good quality Remy human hair and were far cheaper than from a western shop. eBay can also be a place to buy cheap but good quality wigs, look for things like kanekalon fibre (which is soft and not too fake looking) and you can always apply talcum powder to tone down how shiny it is (again making it more realistic)



Many high street shops will sell clothing that could easily fit into gyaru style, such as floral or lace dresses. Just adding some accessories like clip on bows can give it a more over the top look for cheaper than Gyaru brands. For lolita, you can find shirts and cardigans that will suit your style on the high street easily, just add them to a lolita skirt or Jumper dress. Another place to check is Bodyline, they offer much cheaper lolita clothes than the brands do, as well as TaoBao (which will need a shopping service, which can cost as much as the items!). Also, some forums (or Ebay or Facebook groups) will have lolitas selling on their old clothing at a fraction of the original price. Local charity shops may also be worth a browse for either style.

One of the best ways to save money on clothing is to make some of it yourself. There are patterns available online and you can use cheap fabric, and it means that you have a one off piece that nobody else will have!

*~*Hope you have enjoyed my tips! Please leave any more you have in the comments*~*

Lifestyle Lolita/Gyaru

One thing that comes up a lot with Lolita and Gyaru fashion is the aspect of being a lifestyle lolita/gyaru. Many people have many different definitions for what “Lifestyle” actually means. To some it means that you dress in that way in your everyday life instead of just the occasional meet-up or such, but to others it means that you act and live in a particular way that is deemed to fit with that style.


I don’t particularly like the second definition. The idea that you should change your personality and how you live to fit a particular role just seems kind of wrong to me. Obviously, I would be far less inclined to go to a metal concert or go clubbing in an expensive and impractical lolita or gyaru outfit. But the fact that you identify yourself as a lolita or gyaru does not mean you shouldn’t be able to do things you enjoy, even if it means taking a more practical approach to the style or wearing casual clothes for an evening.

Some girls even feel they should change their taste in music and the way they talk to fit with the fashion! This is something that I would highly advise new lolita/gyaru NOT to do. Your own individuality is something that makes us each different, and without us having different quirks and personalities meeting up with other lolita/gyaru would quickly become rather boring. Plus when somebody has a strong sense of themselves about an outfit, it makes the co-ordinate so much more interesting. If you wear something that does not feel like you then you will appear swamped by the outfit and ooze a sense of being uncomfortable, and there is nothing that can make your meticulously chosen outfit look like dress up faster than not looking comfortable in it.


Contrary to what you may hear, You can still have a lolita/gyaru outfit without every single element of the fashion involved. Want to wear Hime Gyaru but feel silly with giant hair? Then leave out the wigs and hair teasing. Feel uncomfortable in Make-Up? You can go nude faced. Don’t like showing your legs? There are trouser or long skirt options available. You can even wear tracksuit bottoms if you feel so inclined, the look can still be very Hime Kaji (A casual Hime Gyaru style.)

Though there is a point that the look will no longer be gyaru or lolita. (Eg. If you wear jeans and a plain t-shirt with no other touches at all) but if you do really want to dress in a Gyaru/Loli style then I doubt you would end up at that stage.

I love Hime Gyaru style, and also Lolita. But I will not stop listening to my metal music or stop any non-stereotypical hobbies just to fit into the parameters laid out by “lifestyle” gyaru anytime soon.

Gyaru Magazines

Despite not being able to read or speak japanese, I still would love to get my hands on some gyaru magazines so I could flick through all the pretty pictures. Here is a (very quick) run through of some Gyaru magazines. I have only today discovered a website that has scanned in the pages of lots of these magazines, here. (Unfortunately no Ageha.)



Ageha is probably the most famous of all Hime Gyaru magazines, due to it’s focus being on Hime Gyaru more than other magazines. (As far as I know anyway πŸ˜› )



Egg is another one that seems popular among Hime Gyaru and Gyaru in general actually. It’s very popular.



Popteen is one aimed at a younger market than the other magazines mentioned here.



This one is definitely aimed at the more gyaru trend rather than Hime Gyaru.



Another one that aimed at teens. Jelly is this “older sister” version of this magazine. Ranzuki features lots of tutorials which I imagine would be helpful in creating a Gyaru look.

I would love to learn how to read any of these myself. I think it would be such an achievement. But in the meantime they can help me develop my make up, hair and clothing style and give me more inspiration ❀

Barry M Magnetic Nail Polish Review

I’ve wanted a magnetic polish for a long time and the other day I saw they had them at boots. ^-^


I got the Barry M polish in the colour Neptune Sea. Its kind of a metallic grey with blue glitter in it. It is a pretty colour and I don’t have any other shades like it. It comes with a magnet that creates a kind of cross effect. Other shades had different pattern magnets so you can mix and match if you get more colours.


This is what the polish looks like applied on before you hover the magnet over it. Its quite a nice silver/grey/blue colour. But the real effect is only shown after using the magnet.


After the magnet is held over it for a short amount of time it creates this pattern. I found using the magnet really fun πŸ™‚ and each nail can look slightly different depending on the position of the magnet. It’s really easy to use, and I would say Idiot-Proof except for the fact that I dipped the magnet into my wet nails a couple times πŸ˜› And on some nails the pattern didn’t show up as well. That may be due to uneven distribution of magnetic particles as I didn’t shake to bottle between nails.


I really like the final effect πŸ™‚ the nails dry pretty fast too. I definitely want to get another magnet and polish colour. This bottle cost me Β£4.99, but you do get quite a bit of varnish for that price. I think I still need some practice to perfect the technique, but I found it easy to get a really nice effect on my first try, and the colour catches the light really well.

Hime Gyaru & Sweet Lolita without Pink!

Hime Gyaru and Sweet lolita both seem to have the same obsession with the colour pink, Hime Gyaru in particular. I absolutely love Pink, but I also love Blue and Yellow and the rest of the rainbow. When everyone is wearing the same colour it can start to get a bit monotone and boring. I really love when I see both styles done in different colours, I find it makes it stand out much more. Here I have found some images on the internet that are good examples of expanding your colour palette.


A Sweet Lolita looking lovely in Blue ❀ The pastel tone remains true to the style whilst creating a more calm, serene effect.


This outfit still features pink, but the majority of it is yellow. I think it looks much softer and compliments the pink perfectly.

Now for the Hime Gyaru looks, I found it much more difficult to find ones lacking Pink since it’s so saturated into the style, but I think the effect is much more mature and elegant.


A very classic looking Hime Gyaru, her look is very elegant and the lack of pink makes it look much more mature and grown up.


Himena Osaki in a lovely Blue dress from La Pafait. Once again, blue creates a more calm effect.

Snow! <3


Fresh snow is one of the most beautiful sights to open your window to on a winter morning, it is one of the few things I like about January. However, the moment it starts to compact I quickly start wishing for it to melt away. Anyone who knows me will tell you I cannot walk on ice, at all. I do a Bambi. The idea of having to walk down a slight hill fills me with dread. I wish it would just snow but not form any ice ^-^

Aside from the slipperiness, there is also the issue of dressing for the weather. The cold and damp limits what you can wear, making choosing co-ords very tricky.


Something like this is so adorable ❀ But it’d be too worried about wearing it and messing it up in snow. Also I highly doubt that this would keep you warm enough to brave the winter πŸ˜› I would still really love this cape/poncho/coat thing though, the bunny ears are so kawaii :3 I’d just save it for spring and autumn time ❀

*~*How do you dress for Winter weather? Dare you go out in gyaru/lolita? Or does snow call for a practical clothing day?*~*