My Miracle fix for Dry Hair ~ Moroccan Oil review

*~* Hey all *~*

Decided to do my first product review (woo!) on Moroccan Oil. This is the Moroccan Oil Treatment (just the standard oil.) I believe it’s a form of Argan Oil. You put a small amount (For me it was one and maybe a half pumps and I have ridiculously thick and quite long hair) onto dry hair, and it moisturises it while also helping with frizz and any split ends.


I have been using this stuff for the last few months. It costs around £30 and you can only get it at a hairdressers, but since most people only need one pump it last over a year. Because it lasts so long I decided it was cheaper long term than using cheaper products that run out after a month or two.

After using it I have seen a noticeable difference in my hair, it was much softer though my frizz remained untamed, though lessened a bit. Even after bleaching my hair 3 times in 2 days (styling mishap) this stuff has helped it recover to as close its former condition as it could be, my hairdresser even said my hair was in good condition after bleaching it. Though I have had to double the amount I use now.

I was worried that brushing oil into my nice clean hair would make it greasy again, but this was not the case. As long as it’s used sparingly it does not form any grease it all.

I love this product and I would recommend it highly to anyone, except perhaps people with very oily hair. I give it 5 stars

*~* Hope this has been helpful *~*


2 thoughts on “My Miracle fix for Dry Hair ~ Moroccan Oil review

  1. TheCottonCandyMix

    It’s nice that it worked for you. I was thinking of buying it, but I wasn’t sure after I read some review. I think I’ll buy it after all. My hair looks dry and doesn’t shine as it shoud shine :)) I hope it will help with that

    1. Ami Post author

      Before I bleached my hair it would make it really shiny! Now it just helps with the dryness, but I don’t think any amount of any product will make it really shiny again. I hope it works for you too!


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