Shopping In Camden


Though Camden is known for its punk, metal and vintage clothing, it also has a surprising number of lolita or gyaru shops. I really love shopping here. Some of the shops are so cute, and I also love wearing punk/rock style clothing. If you find yourself there, find SaiSai, it has a huge range of gothic lolita clothing and also some pink antaina shoes I have my eye on πŸ˜› Other shops have a more sweet lolita or gyaru style to them, such as this shop called Vanilla. Though its pretty pricey 😦Image

This is the first picture of things I got πŸ™‚ A big warm soft jumper, it’s one size fits all as it’s supposed to be baggy, with an adorable panda face on. I hardly have any winter clothes so this will be really useful for the freezing cold of the next few months. I also got a soft kitty PJ top, It was pretty cheap as the guy said he would take money off the top my boyfriend was buying if I got something too.


I also got a white lace dress from this really cute shop, they even gave me a really nice bag to carry the dress in ^-^ This dress is definitely more for summer so I might not be able to wear it for a few months. I think the majority of the shop was all Lily J clothes, there is some nice stuff online too.


Ok, so this wasn’t from camden. I have a gift card for accessorize and spent it at the one in the train station (after a yummy dinner of sushi :3 ) They have a 70% off sale on a few of their items, else I would never have got the bracelets and some of the rings due to their price. It looks like I’ve gone for a floral/natural theme here. I really like the weird colour of the clear bracelet, its kind of blue and white and clear and pinky. Very unusual, haven’t seen anything like it before. Also got some two finger rings because I haven’t worn one before and they look cool. Haven’t decided what to name the elephant on my necklace yet though. Maybe Armando? He looks a bit like an Armando.


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