Hime Gyaru Inspiration

These are my Hime gyaru inspirations ^-^ They inspire me to try out their make-up, hair etc, and develop it into part of my own style.


Himena Osaki

She comes up a lot in Hime gyaru fashion, very kawaii :3 She has really lovely dress sense.


Momoka Eri

Her style is very elegant and regal, just like a real princess. She is more Lolita-esque than the others here.


Rina Sakurai

I really love Rina Sakurai, her face and hair are just impeccable :3 I think she’s probably my favourite, though I see more (and prefer more of) Himenas outfits.


Tsubasa Masukawa

Admittedly, I don’t know very much about her. But whenever I have seen her she looks awesome.

*~*Hope this has inspired any of you looking for some inspiration :3 *~*


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