Gyaru Nail Art

Gyaru’s are known for their love of over the top nail art. But nail art can suit any other style you want, some of the more over the top ones would look wonderful in a Decora outfit.

The way many of these nails are created is by sticking cabochons or slices of a fimo cane (shown in the picture below) to the nail using glue or sticking to the nail polish itself. You can also draw on your nails in varnish using a nail pen or a cocktail stick dipped into the polish.


I’ve used both the nail pen, cocktail stick and fimo slice methods before. Unfortunately, I have lost the photos of it since I accidentally wiped my phone 😦 I loved the effects I could create, and it’s surprisingly easy. The fimo clay slices felt weird on my nails and they did fall off quickly, maybe because I didn’t use proper glue. The Fimo canes are available on places like Amazon or eBay and you can often get a big pack of different designs for quite cheap.

Here are some pictures for inspiration ❤


A more over the top Gyaru one using cabochons.


Fimo clay slices and some cabochons. This looks similar to the fimo ones I did 🙂


Very simple but kawaii 🙂 I really want to try this.


Pretty 🙂 Must be irritating to do anything with nails like this though 😮


Loooove this one 🙂 So Awesome ❤


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