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Some popular Hime Gyaru brands

While I have never been to japan to experience the Hime Gyaru culture for myself, I have been told that some hime gyarus are quite picky with brands when shopping. I myself don’t think that brand is important when dressing hime gyaru, and I know that many other Hime Gyarus probably feel the same. Obviously, you don’t have to be wearing one of these brands to be hime gyaru. Though that being said I do think some of the brand clothing is just adorable and would love to wear it. Thankfully, all the brands have some very decent sales, so one day I may be able to afford some stuff from it XD Here is an outline of some of the more popular brands ~


La Pafait

I see La Pafait pictures come up a lot on Tumblr, they have some really cute dresses, and I find it very easy to find pieces that are more obviously Hime Gyaru on their website than some of the other brands. It is very pink and princess-like. Which does make it easy to put together a Hime Gyaru outfit that matches and is true to the style. I would assume that this makes it quite an easy start point for beginners, as with all Hime brands it’s rather pricey. Shop is here


Jesus Diamante

Jesus Diamante is one of the more famous brands. I find it looks more high-class than some other brands do. The designs are a more grown up than La Pafait. The prices here are ridiculously high. I would guess that the average of prices here is higher than the other brands. All of the dresses I have found just browsing it now have cost quite a bit over £200! While I definitely think their clothes are lovely, and I would love to own some, I just can’t justify buying anything from there anytime soon. I reckon this is part of what makes it so desirable amongst Hime Gals, the price tag that’s fit for a Princess. Shop is here



Looking on the Ma*rs website, I struggled to find much that was the classic pink and Princess-y style of Hime Gyaru, until I found Himena Osaki’s range she has made through them, called Princess Melody. A lot of the other Ma*rs stuff could be worn as Hime Gyaru, I find much of it is just less obvious. Princess Melody has some really adorable things :3 Some of the winterwear in particular. It’s also on the pricey side, but they often have good sales on so you may be able to find a good bargain. Shop is here


Liz Lisa

Liz Lisa is amazing, the clothes just all look so cute and pretty :3 Very feminine and soft. I imagine lots of it could be worn in a Hime outfit or just as standard clothing. While I wouldn’t call it cheap, it seems to be on the less expensive side of Hime brands, and they also have some very tempting sales on. ❤ Shop is here

*~*Hope you’ve enjoyed my guide to some famous Hime Gyaru brands.*~*