Favourite perfumes


Most people have a strong preference in perfumes. I personally love sweet scents, but am not a fan of more musky fragrances. I often find that many more well-known perfume smell too chemical-like for me. I would prefer something that smells sweet or more natural and floral.

I came across this perfume called Pink Sugar by Aquolina on holiday in the States. It’s very sweet scented and smells a bit like candyfloss, since then I haven’t used anything else. (Other than occasionally a vanilla or rose scented mist.) Unfortunately, it’s not sold on high streets in the UK. But I think it’s on amazon internationally.

I think peoples choice in perfume is very interesting. I think that it shows something about that person. For instance, a woman who chooses a more heavy scent wants to show that she is mature and grown up, while somebody who chooses a lighter aroma wants to show that they are more girly.

*~* What’s your favourite perfume? *~*



2 thoughts on “Favourite perfumes

  1. shiotadesu

    I’m the same way, more cute and sweet perfumes but I did like the harajuku girls perfume I got Music mostly just for the bottle(wasn’t too strong). Do they have bath and body works in the U.K? I usually go with theirs not to strong and always sweet smelling (Sweet Pea is my favorite).

    1. sayumiami Post author

      Haha I also had the harajuku girls music for the bottle too ^-^ Unfortunately we don’t have that here 😦 That sounds like it smells really good though πŸ™‚


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