Fimo Cane Nail Tutorial

Today I finally found my fimo canes ❀ So I made a tutorial on how to do Fimo Cane nails. This look goes well in a Hime Gyaru, Decora or Lolita outfit, or even just for a casual day.


First I cleaned my nails and cut them. Then I applied a clear coat to protect my nails from any discolouration from the coloured varnish. The clear also helps when removing the polish.


This is what the fimo canes look like. There are lots of different designs you can get, and it’s easy to find a large pack of them online for quite cheap. Try eBay or Amazon.


The blade is sometimes provided with the canes or you can buy one from an art shop or online. Use it to cut the cane into little slices, the thinner the better.


I always cut all the pieces I need before applying the nail varnish, otherwise it gets tricky to cut slices with wet nails and the polish can be smudged easily.


I used Revlon Bubblegum-scented pink as my base colour. It’s a really lovely dark pink colour and when dry it does smell exactly like bubblegum. The smell becomes less obvious under a top coat but it’s still there. Any paint that goes over the edge of your nail can be removed later using a cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover.


I paint one nail with the base colour at a time, then use tweezers to stick the fimo slice onto the wet nail polish. I reckon if you painted the base colour then waited for it to dry, you could still use nail glue to attach the fimo slices, this would probably be more secure than my method but I don’t want to spend money on nail glue.


Keep going nail by nail until you have completed your first hand, I always do my right hand first because I am right handed. This means that I don’t have to use my non-dominant hand while it has wet nail polish on it.


I usually apply a clear top coat over my nails. I believe that this secures down the fimo slices a bit more so they will stay on for longer. It also gives it a nice glossy finish.


And you are done πŸ™‚ Usually the fimo slices won’t stay put for more than a day or two since they can flake off while you are doing things. If you haven’t used fimo slices before then the sensation of having things on your nails can feel very odd. I really love the outcome, I think the 3D effect on the nails looks awesome and can tie in very well with any outfit.

*~* Hope my tutorial on fimo nails has been useful to you *~*


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