Mini Guide to Extensions, Half-wigs and Wigs

When it comes to adding bits to your hair to create a quick change in style or length, there are many options that you could chose. Each of these options have their own advantages and disadvantages. Among different styles there tends to be an option which is more popular than it is in other styles, Eg. Wigs seem to be much more common amongst lolitas than gyaru.



Wigs are probably the easiest way to make a large difference to your hairstyle quickly. They allow you to change the colour and hair texture very easily and as it’s only temporary it doesn’t matter if you change your mind about that hairstyle. Wigs can also be found at a good quality for a very reasonable price. You can get them made from fibres such as kanekalon, which makes it feel silky soft and smooth. Wigs are very popular amongst Lolita and cos-players. Another upside is that they come in almost any colour or style imaginable.

The downside I find to wigs is that they are not attached to your actual head so are more likely to fall off than extensions or half wigs, and it can be difficult to hide all of your own hair underneath. Wigs also are more likely to look fake as sometimes they are too shiny or your hair shows through. (Though powdering them lightly will remove this unnatural shine.)

Another downside is that they are made of unnatural fibres, so this means they will probably start to knot and go frizzy more quickly so may not last a long time, this also means they cannot be heat styled into any other shapes.

The Wig shown is available in an online shop called gothic lolita wigs. I believe that they have got many good reviews.


Half Wigs

Sometimes called 3/4 wigs. Half wigs are slightly different to full wigs. They basically attach onto part of your head and you blend them in with your natural hair. These are very common with Hime Gyaru as they add a lot of volume, especially if two are used. A big advantage of these is that they blend in with your hair, meaning they are much less likely to look fake and there is no issue of your own hair peeking through as there is with wigs. They are also usually made from synthetic fibres so they cannot be curled or straightened with heat. Many people will find that it’s nice to be able to have some of your own hair on show instead of a full wig, and it’s a more subtle change. As they are only half size its also easier to style them in different ways so they will probably be able to be worn more times than a wig. I imagine that they would also be cooler and more breezy than a full wig.

Disadvantages are that they do not provide a dramatic colour change (except maybe some are dip dyed) and that half wigs can be expensive. Though they can be got for very reasonable prices. The most popular Hime Gyaru half wig brand is Prisila. They have high quality products, but getting hold of them can be tricky and also the colour range can be too limited for those who are very light blonde, a redhead or an unnatural colour.



As this guide focuses on temporary hair change, I will only be talking about clip in extensions. Though longer term alternatives are available. Hair extensions can either be made from human hair or synthetic. Human hair has the advantage of being more natural looking and feeling, and also being able to be styled with heat or dyed. If you are getting human extensions then it’s best to check that they are Remy. Remy hair means the cuticles of the hair are facing the same direction so it reduces tangles, meaning the extensions last much longer.

These clip under you hair, meaning they are the hardest to tell as being fake and probably the easiest to blend into your real hair. They offer the most versatility and will probably be worn the most as they can be restyled into your real hair and dyed with your hair to stay the same colour. (Though I would never recommend bleaching your extensions.)

Downsides are that they can be very expensive to get a high quality set of them with the thickness and length you want for most gyaru or lolita styles. They can also be difficult to colour match with your own hair and to get the cut right so they blend it properly. Another downside is that change is not drastic other than length and possibly the thickness, if you want a bright colour (other than dip dye) then you will have to do you own hair that colour too. Extensions will not last as long as a well cared for wig or half wig as some hairs will fall out, but you should get more use from them anyway. Very cheap extensions may not last long enough to be worth it. I have not had this confirmed but I have been told that clip in extensions can be bad for your hair due to the extra strain it puts on the scalp, so perhaps it isn’t recommend to go too long if you will wear them often.

*~*I hope my guide has been of some use to you in creating your perfect hairstyle*~*


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