Hime Gyaru & Sweet Lolita without Pink!

Hime Gyaru and Sweet lolita both seem to have the same obsession with the colour pink, Hime Gyaru in particular. I absolutely love Pink, but I also love Blue and Yellow and the rest of the rainbow. When everyone is wearing the same colour it can start to get a bit monotone and boring. I really love when I see both styles done in different colours, I find it makes it stand out much more. Here I have found some images on the internet that are good examples of expanding your colour palette.


A Sweet Lolita looking lovely in Blue ❀ The pastel tone remains true to the style whilst creating a more calm, serene effect.


This outfit still features pink, but the majority of it is yellow. I think it looks much softer and compliments the pink perfectly.

Now for the Hime Gyaru looks, I found it much more difficult to find ones lacking Pink since it’s so saturated into the style, but I think the effect is much more mature and elegant.


A very classic looking Hime Gyaru, her look is very elegant and the lack of pink makes it look much more mature and grown up.


Himena Osaki in a lovely Blue dress from La Pafait. Once again, blue creates a more calm effect.


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