Lifestyle Lolita/Gyaru

One thing that comes up a lot with Lolita and Gyaru fashion is the aspect of being a lifestyle lolita/gyaru. Many people have many different definitions for what “Lifestyle” actually means. To some it means that you dress in that way in your everyday life instead of just the occasional meet-up or such, but to others it means that you act and live in a particular way that is deemed to fit with that style.


I don’t particularly like the second definition. The idea that you should change your personality and how you live to fit a particular role just seems kind of wrong to me. Obviously, I would be far less inclined to go to a metal concert or go clubbing in an expensive and impractical lolita or gyaru outfit. But the fact that you identify yourself as a lolita or gyaru does not mean you shouldn’t be able to do things you enjoy, even if it means taking a more practical approach to the style or wearing casual clothes for an evening.

Some girls even feel they should change their taste in music and the way they talk to fit with the fashion! This is something that I would highly advise new lolita/gyaru NOT to do. Your own individuality is something that makes us each different, and without us having different quirks and personalities meeting up with other lolita/gyaru would quickly become rather boring. Plus when somebody has a strong sense of themselves about an outfit, it makes the co-ordinate so much more interesting. If you wear something that does not feel like you then you will appear swamped by the outfit and ooze a sense of being uncomfortable, and there is nothing that can make your meticulously chosen outfit look like dress up faster than not looking comfortable in it.


Contrary to what you may hear, You can still have a lolita/gyaru outfit without every single element of the fashion involved. Want to wear Hime Gyaru but feel silly with giant hair? Then leave out the wigs and hair teasing. Feel uncomfortable in Make-Up? You can go nude faced. Don’t like showing your legs? There are trouser or long skirt options available. You can even wear tracksuit bottoms if you feel so inclined, the look can still be very Hime Kaji (A casual Hime Gyaru style.)

Though there is a point that the look will no longer be gyaru or lolita. (Eg. If you wear jeans and a plain t-shirt with no other touches at all) but if you do really want to dress in a Gyaru/Loli style then I doubt you would end up at that stage.

I love Hime Gyaru style, and also Lolita. But I will not stop listening to my metal music or stop any non-stereotypical hobbies just to fit into the parameters laid out by “lifestyle” gyaru anytime soon.


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