5 Beauty things that I Want in 2013!

While there are some things I will buy on Impulse, (Like cheap false eyelashes on eBay and nail polish) there are other things that I will want to buy and plan to later. Sometimes because they are more of an investment, sometimes for absolutely no reason. Here is a list of 5 Beauty things I want this year!

(Click on pictures for their original source/ In some cases where to get them!)

1) Elishacoy 3D Spin Cleaner


Moving to a city and living in the communal squalor of Univerisity Halls really dulls your skin, lots. I initially thought that my skin was becoming more oily again and this was making it in worse condition, but then I noticed that most other people here have encountered the same effect. I usually use a foam cleaner on my skin and find that is the only thing (other than soap) that doesn’t make my skin worse so I do not want to change that, but then I found this gadget.

This strange spinning contraption basically is a brush for your skin, claiming to offer gentle exfoliation and more effectively cleaning skin. I suspect this means it will solve my dull skin issue. However, the price. It costs around Β£45 and that is a lot of money! Might just have to add this to the birthday list.

2) The Perfect Coverage


I have yet to find the perfect skin coverage except for concealer, but this has led to me using it for my whole face (Not Ideal, I know.) I have tried so many foundations, but I have not been able to find a single one that suits me. I have oily skin but it also gets dry, I also need quite good coverage but I want it to looks smooth and silky. I think my best bet is to use my concealer sparingly and put a mineral powder over the top.

But nowhere in the UK has my colour! I have tried many beauty shops but the lightest colour they stock still comes up brown/orange on my skin, leading to the ever so unattractive neck line.

3) A Curling Wand


I’ve never had my own curling wand before. Except for a Babyliss kids one that used steam to curl (which unsurprisingly hardly dented my hair.) I have tried many times unsuccessfully to borrow my sisters, but I have decided to learn to do it properly this year.

This is kind of a cheat, because I already got this last week with a Christmas Giftcard! I have not had a chance to use it yet, but I really am hoping it will create beautiful formed curls in my hair. This Remington Pearl one (Same as the one I got) I a reasonable price for what I’ve been told is fantastic, and it also comes with a heat protecting glove. Which seems ideal for the accident prone like myself.

4) Velvet Nail Polish


I love special effect Nails! This velvet effect looks really awesome too, especially in Pink. It also looks really fun to create the effect using the two stage process. Only problem is that they seem to be pretty pricey.

5) Hair Chalk


These Hair Chalks just look awesome! It means I can try out the rainbow tips I’ve always wanted but never had the confidence to dye straight away, and also see what I would look like with green or red hair. They look really fun and the effect looks more like it’s been dyed than those spray on colours, plus you can create a much nicer ombre effect on your hair. The main reason I want these is because I want to dye my hair properly to rainbow tips, so they are just for testing purposes. I am hoping to find just the colours I want instead of a large multi-pack so it should be cheaper.


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