Solid Shampoo?! Lush Trichomania Review

I recently got a solid shampoo from Lush, for those of you who don’t know of them they basically sell natural beauty products like face masks and soaps. I got the Trichomania one which is supposed to be very hydrating for hair and smells like coconut. It’s supposed to be used on dry, curly or frizzy hair. The idea of using a solid bar for shampoo seemed kind of odd, but then I thought about how shampoo and soap are kind of the same product anyway and it didn’t seem so weird.


The wrapping for it was very cute and was a nice little touch that made it seem very special. This amount cost me around Β£6 (it’s done by weight) and the man at the shop told me it should last me about 3 months. It smells so amazing, like a really sweet coconut scent.


It looks a lot like hard cheese to me, kind of like Parmesan.

The way to use this bar is to rub it straight onto your hair. This does put me off it a bit. My hair is so thick that rubbing a solid bar on it makes me think it will just tangle and shampoo won’t cover it. Any tangles should be taken care of by conditioner but it still puts me off. Plus, if you have heavily dyed hair like me, sometimes rubbing a solid bar onto your scalp can be uncomfortable. Though it looks like the bar will become more soft with use.

I couldn’t really tell if the bar conditioned my hair more than my usual shampoo. I used a hair mask after which is what made my hair soft so I will be re-using thing product before I decide if it conditions my hair well or not. While washing it out my hair it did feel quite dry :/ Not sure if that’s just after washing with it or if it did dry my hair out though.

Will have to give this product more chances before deciding whether or not to re-buy it.

Have any of you tried solid shampoos? What have you thought?


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