Barry M Foil Effect and Limited Edition Pink Nail Polish Review


I found the Silver Foil effect nail Polish in Boots, they had a deal going so I also got the Pink Polish for free. I think the Pink was a limited edition Christmas special colour. I really like both colours actually. They are both by Barry M.


This is what the bottles look like. The cap of the pink one is really adorable. I like how they’ve made it look more special for a limited edition colour.


Here is what each of the colours look like on. The Silver isn’t as much of a Foil effect as I hoped it might be. Looks like a lot of other Silver polishes. Still a very pretty silver colour though, and very shiny. It did dry very quickly, meaning that if the paint wasn’t applied perfectly you may end up with an odd texture on the nail.

The pink is super shimmery. The glitter in it is small enough that the nail still feels mostly smooth, hopefully meaning the cotton pad will not get stuck into it when I try to remove the polish.


Here is a picture with flash on, this means you can see how shiny the paint is better.

My nails dried really fast, reducing the smudging risk and also no fingerprints on my nails.

I can no longer find the cost of the Foil effect on Boots :/ but Barry M is usually good value, and as the Pink came free I can’t speak on the cost side of that either. The Foil one is really cool and shiny, would go well with most other colours. The pink has created a very even coat so it looks like I’ve used expensive polish, It’s a shame that this one was limited edition because I really like it.


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