Peek-A-Boo Hoop Nail Tutorial!


After getting slightly bored of my plain colour pink and silver nails, I decided to create a hoop effect on them. Here is a tutorial for any of you who want the same look.Image

For this look you will need:

  • An already dry base colour.
  • A Top colour (Preferably dark or thick polish so it can cover the last colour)
  • Stick-On Hole Reinforcer Hoops (These are really cheap at most stationary shops)


Stick on the Hole Reinforcers over the dried base colour. You can have one or more on each nail in any placement you want. All depends on the look you want to create.


Next Paint over the whole of the nail, being careful not to miss any. It doesn’t matter if it’s messy, you can remove polish that missed your nail afterwards.


Finally, peel of the hole Reinforcers, I used tweezers because it was easy. Try to be quite gentle but firm. I was too rough on one of my nails and some of the base colour came off! 😦 If your polish is runny, wait for it to dry a little before peeling them off, but also be careful it doesn’t dry too much or you risk ruining the clear outline by peeling off too much. Once it has dried you can remove any excess polish with a Cotton Bud dipped in nail varnish remover.

*~*Hope you have enjoyed my tutorial!*~*


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