Weightloss Tips

The majority of women are always trying to change their weight in some way. This results in fad diets becoming popular, though most the time any results they offer will be short-lived and unhealthy. Here are some hints for those of you trying to shift a few pounds.

First, set yourself a realistic goal. Attempting to lost 2 stone in a few months will likely result in failure and make you demotivated, not matter how well you did do! Try to set small targets that you will be able to accomplish. This way you will feel much better about yourself and be pleased with meeting your goal. Also try not to be hard on yourself if you do not meet the goal. It’s only a temporary slip up and you will improve next week!

Do not aim to look like somebody else if you do not have the same body type. Eg. There is no point in me trying to get models tiny hips since I am an hourglass and that will just never happen. Attempting to get to that point will just lead to me feeling dissatisfied. Do look at the positives of your own body shape though, Eg. Being an hourglass, I can actually have a small waist and still have boobs. Meaning that corsets and some dresses will suit me better than those models with the tiny hips. Every body shape has its positive aspects and it’s important not to overlook yours.

Second, Use a measuring tape to measure inches lost rather than weight lost. Muscle weighs a lot more than fat. If you are exercising you will be building up muscle, so your weight might be misleading. Even if you do really well and lose lots of fat, the lack of weight lost may demoralise you and lead to comfort eating, while if you had checked inches lost instead you would see how well you had done.

Third, Exercise! This is something you will all know already, but it is important not to overlook. Most people will exercise then look at the calories burnt screen on the treadmill/bike machine etc. The calories burnt will look relatively small (usually around 100) so they will give up. The real calorie loss from exercise is not during the work out. The exercise will raise your metabolism, meaning you burn more calories while sleeping and just sitting around. This is why it is important.

Fourth, Find out your BMR (Basal Metabolic rate) this is the amount you burn by not doing anything. You can work it out on this website. Then use this website to work out your daily calorie needs. You then subtract an amount from this daily calorie need to lose weight. 3500kCals = 1lb of fat. So eating 500kCals less a day should mean a loss of 1lb a week. Careful your daily calorie intake does not drop too far though, else your metabolism will become slower and hinder any weightloss.

Fifth, Treat yourself! Forbidding yourself from eating any unhealthy foods will only lead to you craving them more and then pigging out and reversing all your hard work. By allowing yourself small amounts of these foods every so often you will not crave them as much, this also challenges your metabolism to prevent it becoming lazy. Not having unhealthy foods in the house will reduce cravings for them. If it is not convenient for you to find and then eat it then you are far less likely to.

Sixth, Find an activity you actually enjoy. Exercise is something that strikes up this image in peoples mind as being very boring and exhausting. It does not need to be this way. It can even be fun! All you have to do is find the right activity for you. Swimming, Martials Arts, Dance, Aerial Hoop etc. Try lots of new things and you will find one you love. If you actually like it you are far more likely to keep doing it and to gain the benefits of it.

*~*Hope these have helped you, Good Luck!*~*


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