Quest Accepted!: Knitting

I have decided that I really want to learn how to knit. It seems like it would be so relaxing once I got the hang of it, and then you can get something really cute and unique out of it at the end too. Me and my friends I am sharing a flat with next year have decided this will be our thing. I have already bought some knitting needles off ebay, so it’s too late to back out now.


Last time I tried to knit it ended badly though. I got so frustrated with it that I gave up and never did so much as a single stitch. (I couldn’t stop it from slipping through every time.) I’m hoping that this time I will be more co-ordinated as I am now older and out of the clumsy child stage (kind of.)


Look at these adorable cupcakes! I would be very happy if I could learn to make something like this. A plain pink scarf will probably be my first project, seems more simple than something with detail, plus it will be warm to wear.

(Click on pictures for their original source.)


6 thoughts on “Quest Accepted!: Knitting

  1. Haruko-chan

    Good luck! I too get a little frustrated with knitting, dropping the stitches and making mistakes. But recently I have taken up crochet. I find it to be simpeler and easier, while still yielding beautiful results.


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