Body Shop Haul


Today, My Boyfriend very kindly went out to get a soothing eye mask for me after I woke up with massively swollen eyelids O.o He went to the Body Shop and also picked me up some other goodies! I will most likely be reviewing some of these things soon.

First is the eye mask itself. It is filled with a sort of gel. You put it into the fridge or freezer for a bit and it cools down. I have already used it and found it to be extremely soothing. It also did help to reduce the puffiness quite a bit. It can also be warmed up by leaving it in hot water. My boyfriend liked how it felt too!

Next thing was the Vitamin E Serum. I have never used a skin serum before and I thought it would be good to try this one. Especially since there was a offer on skin care products. You apply it before moisturiser, it is for all skin types.

I also got a Blue Corn 3 in 1 mask. This is supposed to be good for normal/oily skin. It is meant to cleanse, exfoliate and purify. The reviews for it are really good.

The skin care offer meant that I got a cocoa butter body butter for free! (Yay! Free stuff.) This stuff smells amazing (better than chocolate! >.< ) and I cannot wait to try it out. It is used for dry skin. I was surprised by how big the amount we got was, since it was free.

We also got a Cucumber and Mint shower gel for free because we got a body shop card. This also smells really lovely and it’s a big bottle. Very fresh and clean scented, which hopefully means it should wake us up when we take early morning showers.

Overall I was very impressed with the Body Shop. I always have loved the shop but I haven’t been in ages. The offers on were very generous and we got plenty of discount vouchers for 20-30% off our next shops, the card means a 10% discount anyway. We got a 20% discount off this shop just because it was between the 7-20th of February. In the UK we rarely get discounts and offers this good, most places tend to be quite stingy compared to other countries (Like the USA) so this was a really nice change. The actual products look really amazing too!


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