Want! Scented Shoes by Melissa

My friend today showed me her awesome canvas shoes. They are raspberry scented! We looked really weird sniffing her shoes. But seeing hers has really made me want some scented shoes. (Hopefully some as comfy as hers)

Unfortunately I don’t think they are available where she got them from anymore. But while researching about it online I found another make that make adorable plastic shoes. They remind me of shoes I would wear as a kid, and the best bit? They smell like Bubblegum!They are by a brand called Melissa. It look like they teamed up with Vivienne Westwood at one point too.

Here are some Melissa Shoes:


This shoe is from their Vivienne Westwood collaboration. I do like the look of the chain.


I love these shoes! These are a work of art! cannot afford though πŸ˜₯

Melissa also have a “younger sister” brand. This brand is a lot more affordable, and the designs look more simple, yet childish and fun. The younger sister brand is called Mel.

Here are some of their shoes:


These shoes remind me a bit of Lolita, it’s something I can definitely see in a Sweet Loli co-ord. I can also see it in other outfits too, maybe Hime Gyaru.


These pumps look so comfy and summery! I want to wear these to a picnic in the park.


I am seriously considering getting these! They’re Β£35 at the moment. They look so comfy for heels, and the little bow is adorable.

Sorry for the absence of non-pink shoes, they do have lots of other colours too (the wedges are also in blue, white and black for example.) I just like Pink πŸ˜‰

The Images for the Melissa shoes are from this shop, and the Mel shoes are from this shop. All these shoes plus some others are available there.

I really want some of these shoes >.< Hope I can justify buying a pair soon. I love scented stuff. Unfortunately the scent does not last forever, but it should last a few months.


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