Body Shop Vitamin E Serum Review

I got this Serum several days ago. Originally, I thought I would leave it a week or so before reviewing it, but since it’s already started to work I thought I may as well do my review now.


This serum costs Β£11, so for the 30ml bottle it is quite expensive. But there are usually lots of deal on at the body shop and having a loyalty card gives you a 10% discount already. Plus a small amount of this serum really does go a long way. My skin is very much a combination, it can be very oily but I also get some dry patches. I find this serum to be lightweight enough to not make me too oily or give me spots, but it is strong enough to soften out my dry patches. It has not got rid of all my dry skin, but it does feel a lot softer and more hydrated already, which is good for just under a weeks use.

I have used this serum once a day and I have only been using small amounts. The texture of it is really strange, I was worried it would be too heavy but it’s more like a really light gel. Kind of water-y? It’s easy to spread over your face, though it can feel a little sticky. The stickiness does go away as soon as it dries (which is does in like a second) or after applying moisturiser.

I would definitely recommend this product. It has smoothed my skin really nicely, and it feels nice and fresh when you apply it.

I don’t know if it would be suitable for somebody with very dry skin or if they would need something stronger. Though I do have some oily areas of skin, I still can’t vouch for it’s use on extremely oily spot-prone skin, though it doesn’t feel like it clogs up my skin it’s probably not advisable for somebody with that skin type to layer serum with moisturiser as it may be too heavy.

*~*Hope this review has helped*~*


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