MA*RS Spring collection 2013

I’ve done some snooping through the new Spring collection on the MA*RS website, I find a lot of the actual MA*RS stuff isn’t something I would wear really, and this collection is no exception. There are some items that are just lovely though. I have taken all images off the MA*RS online shop, just click on the picture to go to that item. If you want to browse the new collection click here.


First up is this dress, the colours are really striking and pretty, and I do like the look of the fabric. The shape just isn’t something I would personally wear. It must be impossible to hide your bra strap at the back.


I do really like this dress. It has the same lovely material as the last one, but I find the shape much nicer and also the little pink underskirt is really cute. This is definitely something I could see myself wearing. It looks like it would be great if you were going for a more dark look, or for a change from pastel colours.


I really like Hime Gyaru style, so obviously I have to show something from Princess Melody (Brand by Himena Osaki.) I tend to find this brand has a lot more stuff I would wear anyway, it very princess-like and cute. This dress looks perfect for summer days in the park.

*~*Hope you have enjoyed my quick sum up of the new MA*RS collection, I may do some other brands soon too!*~*


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