New Dungarees!

I am so excited for summer, I have already gone and bought some Dungarees from New look πŸ˜› It’s too cold to wear them for another couple months 😦 But they were so cute I couldn’t resist!

I also got some essentials (I was practical for a change!) like a multi-pack of vest tops, since I wear them so often, and also some socks. I got some stocking tights too that I can wear with dresses and the dungarees to make the outfits a bit warmer. Plus stocking tights are awesome!


I also got some accessories in their buy one get one free sale! I got a bracelet stack and a hand chain. They both go with each other really well, and I like the floral feel about them. It’s nice and summery, but also good for spring. The pearls are a nice touch too. I usually only get silver jewellery, so it will be strange trying to co-ordinate with gold for once.


The only thing is I got a medium hand chain since I had no idea what size I was, and I thought they would have to accommodate for children/tweens too. But it looks like I actually needed the small :/ It still fits so I will still wear it (as I can’t exchange it easily) but for future I will get the smaller option so the chain has a little more tension in it.

*~*Are you all getting ready for summer too?*~*


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