What is Agejo fashion?

I haven’t found much on word press about Agejo at all, which I find quite surprising as it is reasonably well known in the gaijin gyaru world. (I have no idea how common the style is in Japan itself.) The term Agejo came from Ageha magazine, which is a famous Gyaru magazine. Because it’s origins are from a gyaru magazine, the look itself is very gyaru. It has many similar aspects, the main difference I have found is that Agejo has aspects similar to Lingerie. Such as stockings, garters or corset lacing, while gyaru looks do not tend to include that.

The make up, nails and hair are pretty much the same as Gyaru (as far as I can tell anyway.) They also use circle lenses. Agejo girls also seem to share the same love of Decoden on everything as Gyaru do, and there is often massive overlap between clothing brands.

Once aspect of Agejo fashion is that it is very common in host clubs in Japan. Being Agejo may make people assume that you are a hostess, even when some girls aren’t.

Here are some examples of Agejo fashion:



Note the use of stockings and garters? The top girl is also wearing what looks like a Babydoll. Obviously not all Agejo girls will dress like this all the time, I’ve seen quite a lot of pictures of girls in long dresses too, but one thing all the girls have in common is that they look very glamorous.


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