Panda Nail Tutorial


Here is a tutorial on how to do some of my favourite nail art, Pandas. They’re really simple to do and I usually get a lot of compliments on them too!


I use nail art pens by Rio now. I got mine from Argos, but I imagine they will be on eBay/Amazon. They make nail art a whole lot easier, plus the polish itself is good quality. This look is also possible without nail pens, just use the brush provided and cocktail sticks for the eye dots (and possibly nose.) I have done it by this method before, but I just find nail pens so much easier and stress-free.


First I like to draw the outline of the head in white. I tend to use dots rather than a line as it’s easier to get the correct shape. You’re aiming for a vague semi-circle/oval shape here. You don’t have to be too pernickety with it, it always seems to work out fine. If you are not using nail pens you will likely find it easier to just skip this step and just draw the oval shape on and fill it in in one.


Next you fill in the face shape. This is the base for the pandas head. You will want to wait for it to dry before doing the next step, or it will smudge everywhere.


The next stage is to draw on 4 black circles to each nail. I try to square of the head end of the ear circles to make them more ear-shaped, but it doesn’t matter if they are circle either. Don’t stress yourself out too much doing this. The eye circles don’t even have to be circle or symmetrical, they’re just fur markings so they could really be any shape. If you are not using nail pens then just do a small blob of polish for these circles.


I usually use black for the nose too, but this time I used pink to give it a bit more colour. Red would work too. You’ll want to try to make it a bit triangley or nose shaped. I usually do a line with a dot underneath to make the kitten nose shape. Sometimes they blend into triangles or blobs, but they look fine too. I think using pink does make the nail look a bit more interesting. If you aren’t using nail pens, then you will probably need a cocktail stick to do this, unless you are very steady with your hands and have a fine brush.


Finally do small white dots inside the black eye circles, this will finish off the pandas eyes. Try to make them roughly central so the panda doesn’t look cross-eyed. Now you are done! I use this design quite often as it’s one of my favourites plus cute animals :3 And who doesn’t love pandas?

*~*Hope you love your panda nails!*~*


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