Sunday Style Inspiration!: Lexi Doll

Todays Sunday Style Inspiration is about Lexi Doll (who has just recently changed her name from Lexi Bee). While this look isn’t really Gyaru, it is awesome and doll-like. Don’t you think it reminds you of Barbie but even pinker? Lexi is American, she is a model and she also owns her own online shop where she sells the cute things she has made. Follow her on twitter here, or on instagram here. Her shop is here for you to browse through.

I’ve followed Lexis style grow and evolve for several years now into the style she has today. I also own two vest tops from her shop and they are awesome!

Here are some pictures of her: (From her Instagram)


Lovely outfit here, and Bubbles is my favourite powerpuff girl too!


She always has such lovely hair, I’m a big fan of unnatural colour hair.


The little hearts in her make up are just adorable.


Love the cat dress :3 So cute

*~*See you next week for more style inspiration!*~*


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