How to dress Hime Gyaru

A while ago I did a post on how to dress lolita so now I am doing one on how to dress Hime Gyaru. It’s much more difficult to do a “how to dress” for any gyaru style because part of the style is that it is supposed to be innovative and different. This means that lots of different things can be considered Gyaru. So this post is specific to Hime Gyaru (although other Gyaru styles share similar make-up, and some aspects of hair are similar too.)

Hime Gyaru is all about looking princess-like. So while obviously you do not have to stick by the recommended clothing, there are some ways you can make your co-ord more obviously Hime gyaru. This guide is intended to be used to help people just getting into the style to put together a co-ord or to get an idea of the style, not to stop other Gals from adding their own flair and developing the style further to suit them.



Or a Top and Skirt as the case may be. In general pinks, florals, lace, bows, ruffles and cute details are apparent in the dress. This gives it a more princess-like feel. Short dresses are more common than long ones, and the shape of the dress shown in the picture above lends itself easily to Hime Gyaru. Careful not to make the skirt too puffy or long or you risk looking more lolita than gyaru. Many Hime Gyaru will adopt a Hime Kaji (Casual Hime) look as it is easier to wear everyday.



Big hair is something that is very common in the gyaru look, as is using lots of hair accessories. Many Gyaru will use extensions or half wigs to make the hair bigger and longer. The idea of the hair is to make it look big, glamorous and princess-like. Though some Gyaru will have more natural hair styles.



Hime Gals tend to have very pretty shoes! I am jealous I do not have a pair of my own. Girly prints, fabric and decorations are all over Hime Gyaru feet. I think it really finishes off the outfit and ties everything all together.



Hime Gyaru tend to have very ornate nails. Cool patterns and decorations fit so well into the style. The look is very over the top. Of course if you need to use your hands it might not be convenient to get massive fake nails, well groomed short nails or cute nail art on natural nails can look just as lovely.

ย Accessories have kind of been covered with Hair and Shoes. You can also use jewellery or bags that are decorated in the Hime style (eg. Lace, Pinks, Over the top girly deocrations) and these will tie the outfit together perfectly.

Feel free to experiment with the fashion! The whole point of Gyaru is to rebel from the norm and part of that is dressing in your own style! Try to develop your own personal spin on the style!

*~*Hope you have enjoyed my guide*~*


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