Sunday Style Inspiration!: Dakota Rose

Todays Sunday style inspiration is Dakota Rose aka Dakotakoti. She is quite well-known on the internet for her doll-like looks. I think her make-up always looks really pretty and that her outfits are really cute. You can follow her on twitter here. Her blog is here, and her youtube channel is here. She does some really cool video tutorials on here, such as hairstyles and make-up.

Here are some pictures of her: (All pictures used are taken from her blog)


I really like the schoolgirl type outfit here, its really adorable.


Here is a photo of her modelling with Tsubasa! They both look really cute :3 the dresses are very doll-like.


This is an older photo of her. You can see her hair and make-up well in this one. I love how she does her eyes!

Hope you have enjoyed this and it helps you to develop your own personal style!

*~*See you next week for another Sunday Style Inspiration!*~*


2 thoughts on “Sunday Style Inspiration!: Dakota Rose

    1. Ami Post author

      I did already suspect that some photoshop was used to achieve her look, but I did think that a large amount of it was done with make-up. I’m going to try and find those commercials now though! Had not seen them before.


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