Gyaru and Weight


This is one of the big issues in the Gyaru Subculture. Any of you who read Gyaru magazines will have seen adverts like this for weight loss in them. Sometimes this will make girls feel they need to look like the models in the “after” pictures to truly fit into the style. Another factor is that in general, Japanese girls have smaller frames than western girls. This may be due to genetics or the different cultures impact on their lifestyle. So wanting to fit into the Japanese brand clothes we love so much can present it’s own motivation for weight loss.


If you take a closer look at these ads, you can see that the girls in the before pictures are rarely overweight or obese. Some of them may be a couple pounds over the healthy BMI range, but many are healthy normal weights. The pictures they use for the “before” are always deliberately unflattering. The lighting is worse, the outfits and pose would not flatter 90% of people and the lack of facial expression or make-up and hair styling is bound to make you look worse. If they were posing next to the “after” photos in the same way I’m sure they would look just as nice.

I think it’s important to be critical of images we see of Gyaru. A lot of them will be Photo-shopped, or like above the “after” pictures will be biased. You can still be a healthy weight and fit into Japanese brand clothes, you do not need to look like the models they use. Many of them will be Photo-shopped too! Most of us, including me, have wanted to lose weight. There isn’t anything wrong with that, but try to set a realistic target for yourself. If you like looking at people with a body shape you want to obtain to inspire you, try to find people that have a similar frame to you or you will never feel satisfied.


3 thoughts on “Gyaru and Weight

  1. jiandra

    Oh, my. You delved into this so constructively. ; v; Right now I’m struggling to wanting to look remotely close to Gyaru — petite, small. Seeing at those images would really want any fangirl (like myself) to look like them. But you made a good point about unflattering photos, lighting and such. I’ve learned to that some idols (says, cosplayers too) photoshopped their photos.

    i don’t see it as a bad approach. more like somehow it would mislead people to thinking they are flawless to begin with. i’m not even angry that these idols do it so. I guess we all try to strive to look magazine-worthy because that’s what the media shows us all the time.

    your post encouraged me. ; v; thank you for this.

    1. Ami Post author

      I can definitely understand why they do it, everyone wants to look their best. I only find it misleading in weight loss adverts πŸ˜› Like if your product really is so good why do you have to do this? I think it’s just important to look at those images with a pinch of salt and not try to compare yourself to them πŸ™‚


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