Ex Cute dolls!

I quite like the idea of those adorable dolls that you dress up and can match your outfit to. I’ve looked at Blythe and Pullip dolls in the past but something about their features has just put me off spending that much money on one. I find them a little creepy at times to be honest. Then I stumbled across what appears to be the Japanese Equivalent, Ex Cute dolls!

I have found them on amiami.com, All the pictures are from there. Click on them to link to the product.

They’re quite pricey :/ But no more so than a Blythe or Pullip Doll and I think they are much cuter.


I love this Mori Girl look! The bunny ears outfit is adorable!

ImageThis is one of my favourites that I found. The little teddy is so endearing and those booties are adorable.


The Red dress here looks really nice. Looks good quality too, the texture seems like real velvet.


I love the range of little Witches they have. I think they are so cute and I like their little witchy accessories. The outfit and wand here are just amazing.


Another favourite. Doesn’t she look a bit like Alice in Wonderland? Such cute little shoes and I love her hair.


She is so awesome! I love the pink hair, and the cat-ear hood and stockings is something that I would wear myself. She has a cute little cat too.

I can’t decide which is my favourite! There are plenty more out there too. These are just the ones I found that I thought looked really adorable. I want one to dress up and get lots of outfits for!

*~*Which is your favourite?*~*


4 thoughts on “Ex Cute dolls!

  1. peachymilk

    I am in love with these at the moment too! When I go to Japan next month Im going to go to the azone store in akihabara and pick one out, and some clothes for her too! So exciteddddd ❀


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