My Soft-Toy Bag Collection <3

My Vice in life is bags that look like cute soft toys, (Ok, They’re one of my many vices, others include chocolate, eBay and more things that look like other things.) So I have obtained a small collection over the years. I never aimed to collect them, it’s just what seems to happen when you have little self control while shopping (like me.)


My first one was my skelanimals backpack, ie. The skeleton Bunny. I’ve had him for a really long time now and tend to use him for travelling as he has the best stuff-holding capacity to size ratio.

Next I got the white teddy bear from Accessorize and my slight obsession began.

The Care bear (Amazon) is one of my favourites, though I do love them all :3 I always get lots of compliments on him and one of my friends always cradles him like a baby. I love how he is pink and has hearts on his tummy, I also love the rainbow straps too.

I got Pikachu from Tokyo Toys in the Trocadero centre in london, it’s a really cool shopping centre. They have a shop that only sells things that looks like pandas πŸ™‚ I wore him for MCM Expo in London (It’s kind of like Comic-con for those of you outside the UK.) I was dressed as Misty from Pokemon, I do have a Togepi plush I could have taken but I was scared I would lose him, plus Pikachu can carry all my stuff, I am a notorious over-packer for everything.

I got Totoro in camden from a street stall, I love shopping in Camden and I always overspend. But he’s just so cute :3 He can carry quite a lot too which is useful, most of my bags here can only just hold essentials.

My most recent bag was Winnie the Pooh, it was an anniversary gift from my boyfriend and has quite a lot of sentimental value behind it. I think that makes it my favourite. Plus Winnie the pooh is just so charming.

You do sometimes get some odd looks when you carry a bag that looks like a soft toy, but I love them :3 When I have to take them off my back to sit down I can also cuddle them which is an added bonus since I’m kind of past the age of it being socially accepted for me to carry a soft toy. I reckon my collection will probably get some new members in the next few years, unless I learn to save money and control myself. (Ha! Does not seem likely)

*~*Do you collect anything?*~*


8 thoughts on “My Soft-Toy Bag Collection <3

  1. smutcherella

    Omg, I have actually always wanted a Pikachu backpack like that ever since Pokemon came out. So jelly~
    I have never seen a Totoro backpack before! That is adorable~!! I wonder if I can find one on eBay… :’3

    1. Ami Post author

      Haha as a Kid I would have wanted one too πŸ˜› If I’d known these could even exist lol. And I’m sure you can πŸ™‚ eBay had everything lol. If not then I’m sure Tokyo Toys website will have them.


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