Cherry Blossom Nail Tutorial


Firstly, I would like to apologise for my absence from blogging the last week and a bit, I have been so busy! But I am back with a nail tutorial for you! This is the first time I have tried these, I was feeling inspired by all the beautiful pictures I have seen on twitter recently of the cherry blossom trees. They turned out ok, but I think next time I would use paler colours and have many more petals and fewer full flowers.


Do a base colour of a sky blue, if you feel like it you could add clouds but I was worried that this would hide the detail of the cherry blossoms.


Do black outlines of petals and full flowers. I made the petals a little heart shaped instead of just tear drop shape so they look more interesting, and to me this looks more cherry blossom like. In future I would try to make the petals more full and round, and also more curved looking too.


Fill in the outline in a light pink, then while it was still dry I did white highlights and attempted to blend them in. All my highlights face the top of my nail, so the shading is consistent looking.


To finish, I dabbed some yellow and orange dots in the middle of the full flowers, they blended together into a large multi-tonal circle instead of separate dots but I still think it looks quite nice :)I then cleaned up the edges using nail polish remover.

*~*Hope you have enjoyed this nail tutorial! Good Luck*~*


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