New Make-Up Haul!

I went to Boots with the intention of buying a CC cream. But I couldn’t resist the 3 for 2 offer they have on at the moment and ended up getting lots of other things.

The CC cream I tried was L’Oreal Nude Magique CC cream, I tried all three under-tones, the Apricot (Anti-Fatigue), the Mauve (Anti-Dullness) and the Green (Anti-Redness). I tried a patch of all of them on my hand and wrist, the Apricot and Green both went too dark for my skin (especially the apricot which was as I expected due to the orange undertone.) The Mauve was light enough for my skin, but it looked a little too grey for me so I decided to save my money and not get any of them.


What I did get all looks really great though. I got some basics that I’m always using, the Natural Collection Blush in Pink Cloud and the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in No.1 (Fair). This is the only concealer/foundation I’ve found that matches my skin tone, probably because it’s also meant to be an illuminator. It gives good coverage but I am looking for more light-weight foundation (probably mineral powder) to replace it with, if I can finally find one in my skin tone.

Then once I found those two of my make-up essentials, I obviously needed something else to finish the 3 for 2 deal πŸ˜› I have recently got a lot more interested in lip make-up, as I don’t have very much at the moment. So I got Rimmel London Lip Laquer in 303, Apocaliptic. It’s a really thick glossy pink. I also got some lipsticks for a more matte colour base, I got two from Barry M and one from Rimmel.


The Barry M ones I got were in 160 (Black Cherry), a dark plum purpley colour (bottom in the picture) , and in 157 (Pink Pearl), a shimmery pink colour (middle in the picture). It wasn’t too light pink so it hopefully won’t make my lips disappear. They’re both newer Barry M shades that are supposed to be more moisturising.

The Rimmel lipstick is in 160 (Rose Passion) it’s a red shade that is bright but not too in your face bright. (Top in the picture) I like it and I don’t have any red lipsticks so this will be new for me.

I also needed lip pencils to outline my lips, so I got a pink Barry M one in 23 and a Red Max Factor one in 10 (Red Rush). The final thing I got was a clear lip gloss to go over the lip sticks from Bourjois, it looks really shiny and I think it will give the lipsticks a wonderful shine. It was Number 18 in case any of you are looking for it.

I can’t wait to try out a bunch of new Lip looks! Hopefully I’ll be able to post up reviews for some of these items and also tutorials for a lip look or two.

*~*Are there any make-up items you have your eyes on right now?*~*


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