Sunday Style Inspiration!: Xiaxue

Xiaxue is a blogger from Singapore (aka Wendy). I really like her style, it’s very dolly and cute and she has some great hairstyles! I think she uses circle lenses and eye make up very effectively. She has recently had a baby, Congratulations to her! On YouTube she is well known for her “Guide to Life” series, which I have also enjoyed.

You can find her blog here. Her youtube channel here where she had some useful tutorials. Her guide to life episodes are on click networks youtube channel here. All the pictures I have found of her are from here Tumblr, Here.


A picture of her from a magazine article about her pregnancy. I love her pink hair and her eyes look so big.


She has quite a princess-like fairytale look here. I think it’s very pretty.


I love her pink hair.


Another awesome hair style. I like how fairytale/dreamy here accessories look here. Like the circlet and feathers.

*~*See you next week for another Sunday Style Inspiration!*~*


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