Liz Lisa & My Melody Collaboration!

Liz Lisa had recently opened pre-orders on items for their collaboration with My Melody, and as expected there are some massively adorable items available! I think this release kind of overshadows their Summer 2013 collection which looks quite limited and some of the items are not shaped as well as I would like for an item that costs as much.

(Click on pictures for their source)


These are definitely my favourite of the range. I’m not quite sure why, maybe it’s because they are so unique looking and I can’t imagine finding similar ones elsewhere. The print is so cute :3 and they look extremely comfy.


A pink, comfy looking cardigan that’s also part of the range. I like how slouchy and relaxed it looks.


This make up bag is so adorable and looks like it has plenty of space to hold make up. I like bags that have enough space for everything, tiny little bags annoy me so much >.< The lace frills and my melody emblem is just so sweet.

*~*Are any of you planning to order anything?*~*


4 thoughts on “Liz Lisa & My Melody Collaboration!

  1. shiotadesu

    Darn I spent my Rilakkuma budget this month which also happens to be my everything else budget. I want this collection….:(…are you getting them?

    1. Ami Post author

      Unfortunately I’m on a tight budget too for the foreseeable future :/ And even though Liz Lisa is a bit cheaper than most Gyaru brands, its still pricey with the shipping costs 😦


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