Finding Gyaru Style Clothes on the High Street

Gyaru brands are expensive. If you have to pay for a shopping service to get them from Japan, it makes them even more expensive. However, it is possible to find clothes that fit into a Gyaru outfit from high street shops and other places. One place that is worth a look is charity shops and other quirky boutique type shops, they may have girly, lace or floral dresses that would fit really well into a Hime Gyaru co-ordinate.

To show you how you can create a Gyaru, Hime Gyaru (Or Hime Kaji) outfit by using high street shops, I have browsed the websites of popular high street brands to find some items of clothing that I think would fit a Hime/Gyaru outfit. They’re much cheaper than most Gyaru brands and more easy to get your hands on.

(Click the picture for it’s source)


With some tall white socks and cute peachy high heels or wedges, I think this would look just lovely. It can see it fitting into certain Gyaru styles or a Hime Kaji style.


This skirt would look lovely in a Hime Kaji outfit. It could go with a cute pink sweater and lots of accessories.


This dress is very princess-like. I think with a short cardigan or some gloves it would look really great in a Hime Gyaru co-ordinate.


Another dress that could go in a Hime Gyaru or a Hime Kaji outfit. It’s not as pink, but with the right accessories it could definitely work.


This headband is so kawaii! I think it would look perfect in a Hime Kaji outfit.


I think this jumper would look great in a Hime Kaji outfit. It looks slightly Liz Lisa-ish to me. It would go well with a lace skirt and some good shoes.


These tights would go great in an Agejo or Hime Kaji type outfit. They’re very cute and the cream/white socks go well in Hime style. The way they hint at being stockings it what would make them fit in an Agejo style.

*~*Hope this has shown you that Gyaru clothes don’t have to be from an expensive brand!*~*


2 thoughts on “Finding Gyaru Style Clothes on the High Street

    1. Ami Post author

      Haha I coud not agree more πŸ™‚ I was quite surprised they had ear hairbands really. I definitely want the tights, I have the exact same problem! I usually end up with cheap dress up ones from Amazon -.-


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