Sunday Style Inspiration!: Koakuma Jojo

Jojo is a gyaru blogger from the Netherlands. I really like her take on the Gyaru style and her make up, particularly her eye make up. She has a Tumblr account you can follow here, twitter here and of course her blog here. I read her blog regularly and find it really interesting, she reviews lots of products I want to get and has a really great wardrobe. (So Jealous -.- )

All pictures used have been taken from her blog.


I really love this dress and those amazing shoes! I have some tights just like this.


I also really like how she does her hair. It’s very dolly-like.


I just love how all her outfits look different instead of being similar. It’s much more interesting than just sticking to one look.


I want to learn to do my eye make up as flawlessly as she does! So neat!


I need these tights. I love the stocking effect look.

*~*Hope you have enjoyed this weeks style inspiration!*~*


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