New Body Shop Purchases and Seaweed Clarifying Toner Review

I was looking on Body Shop recently because I really needed to find a toner and a moisturiser with SPF in it for summer. Plus, I love Body Shop skin care products and I wanted to try another one of their mask range! (The blue corn one I got was amazing, you can read my review here.)They had an offer on where if you spend £60 you get 50% off, as I already had £30 in my basket I thought I would use this offer to get £30 worth of free products. (Wooo!)


This was the parcel when it arrived. I did think that they used a too much packaging which was a bit of a waste, but at least it meant that everything got here safely and it felt really fun to open, like unwrapping a present.


Here is what I got. I went for the Seaweed range for both the toner and the mask. Even though I no longer have spot-prone skin, I think the range will suit me because my skin can be quite oily and I have some large pores that I want to reduce. (Not to mention that I am incredibly paranoid that my skin will become acne-prone again.)

I decided to try the Vitamin E moisturiser with SPF, because it should moisturise my dry patches of skin without being too greasy and heavy, and it had the best reviews of any of the other SPF moisturisers.

I wanted to find a new exfoliator too, so I am trying out their Vitamin C Microdermabrasion one. It smells really nice and fresh.

I got two massagers, a facial one and a ‘SpaFit’ body one. I am hoping that using these will improve circulation and that this will help remove toxins, which should prevent wrinkles and reduce cellulite.

The green bottle is a Grape seed glossing serum, hopefully It will smooth out my hair and make it less frizzy. It did have good reviews, but nothing seems to work on my hair. If it doesn’t do that then at least it will help moisturise it and make it smell nice too.

The final thing I got was the Seaweed Clarifying toner. I haven’t used a toner in a while and I felt it was missing from my skin care routine.


This bottle cost me £8, I felt that this was very reasonable since you do not need to use much and it’s still good quality. I find that some products (like the anti-acne ones aimed at teenagers) make my skin clogged and mean it breaks out (ironic, no?) so I didn’t want to risk using something like that even if it is a little bit cheaper.

The toner is a clear liquid, it has a very pleasant scent and I find it’s very refreshing. I really love using it, it makes my skin feel so clean. I find that when I use it, it does make my face feel cleaner and I do think that this has made it brighter and a little less oily. It hasn’t completely got rid of the shiny oily patches, but I think that if it did that it would dry out other parts of my skin.

As for their claim that it refines pores, I don’t think that mine look any smaller. (They are stubborn though.) However, my skin does look a bit smoother in places, although I may just be imagining that.

As I no longer have spots I cannot comment on their claim that it helps clear skin. I haven’t broken out from using it so it may be worth a try. I also don’t have particularly sensitive skin so I don’t know if it would be too harsh. It does feel strong when I use it but to me that just feels like it is cleaning rather than irritating my skin. They sell small travel bottles of it for £3 that you could test out if you don’t want to commit to a full bottle.

I would definitely get this toner again. I think that it is good value and it definitely does add something to my face washing routine, it feels like it helps to mop up anything my cleanser left behind.

*~*Do you use any of these products in your daily routine?*~*


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