More Barry M Magnetic Nail polish!

I only intended to get an eye pencil sharpener… but I saw these on the shelf and I couldn’t resist! I just love the magnetic effect, it adds a lot of depth to the nails and just looks awesome. You can read my review on the Neptune Sea one I had before here.


I made sure that the ones I got had a different magnet shape so I could make more effects! The shades I got were Dark Silver (left) and Violet (right). The names seem a lot less imaginative than my Neptune Sea one, but still pretty colours nonetheless.


I used the wavy lines magnet for the effect (I thought it might look a bit like scales.) For some reason it seemed more difficult with both these colours to make the pattern show up. I usually wipe excess polish on the side of the bottle, but the pattern seemed to work much better when I didn’t do that, maybe that affected the distribution of magnetic particles.


As a result, painting them was quite messy. They are definitely not done at all neatly! But I still love the polish. It is very 3D looking because of the magnets effect. I used the dark silver for all my nails except my ring finger, where I used violet.Both the colours are really pretty and I would definitely get them again. I especially like the violet.


(The pattern didn’t show up as well without flash. It has to catch the light well to be obvious.)

I don’t think the violet and dark silver colours go well with each other, in future I wouldn’t mix them. But as separate colours I think they are both beautiful and I would definitely recommend them. Just be sure to clean up your nails with a cotton bud dipped in polish remover after you’ve painted them!

*~*Have you tried any of this range?*~*


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