Sunday Style Inspiration!: Misa Amane

This week is the first Sunday Style Inspiration about a fictional character, Misa Amane from the Death Note series. Death note is an amazing manga and anime so if you haven’t seen it yet I can recommend it.

Misa is my favourite anime/manga girl, mostly for her outfits. She can be quite ditzy and annoying at times but she has so many amazing outfits! She has quite a gothic or punky style.

I definitely want to cosplay her at somepoint, I think it would be really fun and I already have the majority of things I would need to do it. ;P

(Click pictures for where I found them)

WARNING!: May contain some mild spoilers.


I want socks like these!


I want these stockings too!


I think this is my favourite outfit of hers! The massive boots and over sized jacket look so cute. Why is all her hosiery so damn awesome?!


I really want to try out her hairstyle. I’m not sure it will suit me though.


Another adorable outfit. I really love how she is drawn.


Her on the cover of one of the manga.


That bow and cross necklace mix is so cute. For some reason the Japanese goth style features crosses so heavily.


I definitely need an oversized jacket. They look so cool!

*~*Hope you have enjoyed this weeks Sunday Style Inspiration!*~*


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