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Silver Pink Half Moon Nails Mini-Tutorial


For my summer ball last week I did these nails. Honestly, my dress was a strange coral pink so it didn’t really match, but they looked cool nonetheless. Both colours are so shiny it looks a bit space age to me. The half moon shape looks really modern and interesting.


To create this look I used these three nail polishes in this order. A clear coat to start, then the silver base. Next I stuck paper hole reinforcers over the bottom of my nail (to create the half moon shape) and painted over my nails with the pink coat. Then I peeled off the hole reinforcers (carefully and before the top coat fully dried) leaving me with this pattern.

I really like all three of these nail polishes actually. The two colours are really pretty and shiny, and the base coat dried quickly. The shape was really easy to create too.

*~*Hope you liked my mini tutorial*~*


Sunday Style Inspiration: Pastelbat

I don’t know if you are aware of the pastel goth trend, but I think it’s a really fun and interesting look. Somebody who is often associated with that look is Pastelbat, though she also does outfits that look more Fairy Kei or Cult Party Kei. Her tumblr is here. She is known on tumblr for having lots of cute outfits.

All pictures are taken from her tumblr.


Love hearts print?! That’s so cool.


I just love the sheer top layer look! I desperately need a sheer dress/skirt in my life.


I think this is a very colourful and fun outfit. I like clothing that’s fun and interesting, it must brighten up everyone’s day.


This is a very typical pastel goth look, for any of you looking to try out the style.


This looks very lolita to me, I love all the pastel colours she uses. They’re so pretty but not too harsh on the eye. Also, I find the way she does her blush very interesting. I know that look is very popular in Japan right now, but I’m not so sure it would suit me.

*~*I hope you all have enjoyed this weeks style inspiration!*~*

Living Doll Inspiration Blogs

*~* First I would like to say hello again, and thank you all for sticking around during my exam-induced hiatus. They are finally done and all out the way. Yayy! ^-^ *~*

Secondly, I just love the living doll style, and as with the other styles I love I like to follow lots of blogs about them to get inspiration and look at all the pretty pictures. 

The living doll style is still peaking in popularity so it isn’t that easy to find blogs on just yet, but Tumblr has provided me with some pretty good ones! I like that it means I can see pictures of less known people who like the style as well as the usual famous people (Eg. Venus Angelic, Anastasiya Shpagina, Valeria Lukyanova, Dakota Rose) and as it is on Tumblr it does make the blog a bit more interactive which is nice.

Here is my list: (Click on the blog name to visit it)

  • Beautiful Living Dolls   (I just love this blog. They allow submissions from lesser known dollies and do a Dolly of the month contest!)








I hope this has been useful for you! Especially if you are just looking to get into the style and are looking for some tips etc.

*~*Nice to talk to you all again! 🙂 *~*