Living Doll Inspiration Blogs

*~* First I would like to say hello again, and thank you all for sticking around during my exam-induced hiatus. They are finally done and all out the way. Yayy! ^-^ *~*

Secondly, I just love the living doll style, and as with the other styles I love I like to follow lots of blogs about them to get inspiration and look at all the pretty pictures. 

The living doll style is still peaking in popularity so it isn’t that easy to find blogs on just yet, but Tumblr has provided me with some pretty good ones! I like that it means I can see pictures of less known people who like the style as well as the usual famous people (Eg. Venus Angelic, Anastasiya Shpagina, Valeria Lukyanova, Dakota Rose) and as it is on Tumblr it does make the blog a bit more interactive which is nice.

Here is my list: (Click on the blog name to visit it)

  • Beautiful Living Dolls   (I just love this blog. They allow submissions from lesser known dollies and do a Dolly of the month contest!)








I hope this has been useful for you! Especially if you are just looking to get into the style and are looking for some tips etc.

*~*Nice to talk to you all again! 🙂 *~*


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