Sunday Style Inspiration: Pastelbat

I don’t know if you are aware of the pastel goth trend, but I think it’s a really fun and interesting look. Somebody who is often associated with that look is Pastelbat, though she also does outfits that look more Fairy Kei or Cult Party Kei. Her tumblr is here. She is known on tumblr for having lots of cute outfits.

All pictures are taken from her tumblr.


Love hearts print?! That’s so cool.


I just love the sheer top layer look! I desperately need a sheer dress/skirt in my life.


I think this is a very colourful and fun outfit. I like clothing that’s fun and interesting, it must brighten up everyone’s day.


This is a very typical pastel goth look, for any of you looking to try out the style.


This looks very lolita to me, I love all the pastel colours she uses. They’re so pretty but not too harsh on the eye. Also, I find the way she does her blush very interesting. I know that look is very popular in Japan right now, but I’m not so sure it would suit me.

*~*I hope you all have enjoyed this weeks style inspiration!*~*


7 thoughts on “Sunday Style Inspiration: Pastelbat

    1. Ami Post author

      I don’t use blogspot so I haven’t seen those actually. Sound interesting though πŸ™‚ Haha me too. It looks delicious.


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