Silver Pink Half Moon Nails Mini-Tutorial


For my summer ball last week I did these nails. Honestly, my dress was a strange coral pink so it didn’t really match, but they looked cool nonetheless. Both colours are so shiny it looks a bit space age to me. The half moon shape looks really modern and interesting.


To create this look I used these three nail polishes in this order. A clear coat to start, then the silver base. Next I stuck paper hole reinforcers over the bottom of my nail (to create the half moon shape) and painted over my nails with the pink coat. Then I peeled off the hole reinforcers (carefully and before the top coat fully dried) leaving me with this pattern.

I really like all three of these nail polishes actually. The two colours are really pretty and shiny, and the base coat dried quickly. The shape was really easy to create too.

*~*Hope you liked my mini tutorial*~*


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