Shironuri Fashion


I hadn’t heard about this style until very recently, its been gaining more popularity on Tumblr which is where I first found it. I call it a fashion, but there is no limit to what clothes are suitable for this style. The only important aspect of the style is a painted white face, the word Shironuri means painted white. It refers to the make-up of geisha and Japanese traditional actors.


It doesn’t just have to be the face, you can use the white make-up on your neck and other visible skin too if you aren’t a fan of the ‘end of foundation’ type make up lines. If you just do the face then it looks like a mask, which is pretty cool but not to everyones personal preference.


Usually the rest of the make up is pretty dramatic, I haven’t seen any instances where people do a subtle eye with the white face but it might exist somewhere. It’s quite a fun look though and I personally think that eye make up is the area that’s the most fun to do, plus without it the one tone face may look too harsh or a little boring.


The style really is a form of art, it’s so beautiful and striking. It’s a look that takes a lot of guts to pull off since it’s very different to what people are used to seeing so it’s sure to attract lots of attention to you, possibly not positive attention either.


Probably the most well-known (on Tumblr) shironuri is Minori. A lot of her make up is really intricate and she definitely pulls off the look fantastically. You can find more pictures of her on her website, here. This is where I found these pictures of her. (Pictures 1,3 and 5)


The look is starting to catch on in the west now, not enough that you’re likely to see anyone in the street wearing it but enough for western girls to try their hand at this dramatic look and to post the results onto tumblr. (Such as PastelBat, shown above.) I can see why, it looks really fun to try out and there are so many creative possibilities.


As always click on the pictures for their source.

*~*Thanks for reading, What do you think of this fashion? Would you ever try it?*~*


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