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Be back soon <3

You may have noticed I have been making less posts recently. Exam season is upon me at the moment, and as always I am pretty under-prepared. Because of this I probably will have to neglect my blog a little. I might still make a few posts, but I am sorry if I rarely update or don’t reply to any of your comments quickly.

See all of you in a few weeks ❀

Ami xx


Hair Growth Challenge!

I love the look of long hair, It looks so surreal and pretty, quite dolly like. I like the length that my clip in extensions give me, but they’re a pain to wear and they don’t feel as natural. Plus it takes time to put them in and care for them. So I have resolved to grow my own hair longer. Hopefully to waist length if I can.


I love Rapunzel’s hair from Disney’s Tangled. (Click picture for the source.) I think hair that long would be a pain though!

I have been looking up tips on how to grow my hair faster (mine grows very slowly by itself) and have decided to start doing several new things to try and grow my hair.

First, take my multivitamins and omega supplements everyday. I reckon one of the reasons my hair grows so slowly is because it’s so thick, so nutrients have to be shared between more strands so they each have less to use on growth. If I remember my multivitamins hopefully it will mean that my hair is less deprived of nutrients.

Second, head massage. Massaging you scalp is supposed to encourage blood flow to the area and also move oil around, meaning it’s easier for hair to grow. I’m going to try doing this for a few minutes every night to see if it works.

Third, caring for my already grown hair better. I’m going to run Moroccan oil through it every night and start using hair masks more often (every week). This should hopefully reduce breakage. I have a hair growth mask that I’m going to try, but I’m not a big believer in applying growth products to the hair itself because it’s dead. I would be less skeptical of a product that goes on the scalp but I don’t know of any. Even if it doesn’t help hair growth, it will still moisturise my hair and improve it’s condition and reduce breakage.

I can’t wait for my hair to grow longer. I hope it speeds up its growth a bit! Hopefully I will see a change over summer, (when hair apparently grows faster.)

*~*Have you got any hair growth secrets you swear by?*~*

My Soft-Toy Bag Collection <3

My Vice in life is bags that look like cute soft toys, (Ok, They’re one of my many vices, others include chocolate, eBay and more things that look like other things.) So I have obtained a small collection over the years. I never aimed to collect them, it’s just what seems to happen when you have little self control while shopping (like me.)


My first one was my skelanimals backpack, ie. The skeleton Bunny. I’ve had him for a really long time now and tend to use him for travelling as he has the best stuff-holding capacity to size ratio.

Next I got the white teddy bear from Accessorize and my slight obsession began.

The Care bear (Amazon) is one of my favourites, though I do love them all :3 I always get lots of compliments on him and one of my friends always cradles him like a baby. I love how he is pink and has hearts on his tummy, I also love the rainbow straps too.

I got Pikachu from Tokyo Toys in the Trocadero centre in london, it’s a really cool shopping centre. They have a shop that only sells things that looks like pandas πŸ™‚ I wore him for MCM Expo in London (It’s kind of like Comic-con for those of you outside the UK.) I was dressed as Misty from Pokemon, I do have a Togepi plush I could have taken but I was scared I would lose him, plus Pikachu can carry all my stuff, I am a notorious over-packer for everything.

I got Totoro in camden from a street stall, I love shopping in Camden and I always overspend. But he’s just so cute :3 He can carry quite a lot too which is useful, most of my bags here can only just hold essentials.

My most recent bag was Winnie the Pooh, it was an anniversary gift from my boyfriend and has quite a lot of sentimental value behind it. I think that makes it my favourite. Plus Winnie the pooh is just so charming.

You do sometimes get some odd looks when you carry a bag that looks like a soft toy, but I love them :3 When I have to take them off my back to sit down I can also cuddle them which is an added bonus since I’m kind of past the age of it being socially accepted for me to carry a soft toy. I reckon my collection will probably get some new members in the next few years, unless I learn to save money and control myself. (Ha! Does not seem likely)

*~*Do you collect anything?*~*

Tips on taking Isotretinoin (aka. Roaccutane, Accutane)

A year ago I was taking Isotretinoin. For those of you who don’t know what it is, It is a very strong drug usually taken by people with Acne to help get rid of it. If you have found this and are reading it, then I assume that your dermatologist or doctor has mentioned the idea of taking it to you.

For me, It was a bit of a wonder drug. My Acne is all gone, I still have some red marks from where it was but these should fade over time and I feel comfortable enough with these to go out with no make-up on. I do not really get new spots now, even over half a year after stopping it. I have got like one tiny one during my “time of month” which is perfectly natural and after suffering years of acne was no problem at all.


While I would recommend this drug to most people, there are some instances where it’s not recommended and your doctor should tell you about this. Such as if you are prone to depression, at risk of liver damage or trying for a baby.

Before taking the drug you will have to get a blood test and need to be using a contraceptive method (like the pill or implant) even if you are not sexually active. You will also be required to take pregnancy tests every month because Accutane is really harmful to embryo development.

The drug will have some unpleasant side effects, not everybody will get all possible side effects and they may be better or worse in some people. Though I can pretty much promise you that you will get dry flaky lips. The drug is a gradual build up, so you will not instantly get side effects, they will gradually creep up on you and become worse. They will go once you stop taking the drug though. Try to alter your routine to combat these side effects early, as it will help stop it becoming too bad. Here is some advice that I have learned through experience from my course of the drug:

  • Vaseline. Get lots of it. Small tubs to carry with you at all times and big tubs for places you frequently are at, such as next to your bed, at work desk, near your sofa. You will need to use it on your lips a lot. They will get very very dry. Not like how they sometimes get dry in winter, like flaking and sometimes painful dry. If you use the vaseline it does make it so much better so I would definitely make it a habit to start with. I found the Cocoa butter one was best for me, and avoid ones with a coloured tint as often you will need to go outside the line of your lips.
  • Avoid Exfoliation. The Accutane will make your skin very sensitive and exfoliating it will make it become red and sore. It is ok to use a gentle exfoliator once (perhaps twice) a week. But try to gradually cut down your use and swap to more gentle products. Once you are in the height of the drugs course, it will burn to exfoliate like you are probably used to. I always use an oil-free foam cleanser to clean my skin and I find it works well. One thing my doctor said to me was that “People often treat acne as though it is dirt on their skin, attempting to scrub it off, when they really should treat it like a wound and be gentle with it. You wouldn’t scrub a graze on your knee.”
  • Change your hair removal method. Waxing is not advised while using the drug. This is because of how much more sensitive your skin is. There is a risk of you damaging your skin from it. As your skin is more flaky, the wax may pull some of it off O.o Personally, I didn’t dare risk it while I was on the drug, but I imagine that waxing would have been painful. Shaving and Plucking is fine. I don’t know about hair removal creams, threading or epilating but I imagine they would be ok. Do ask your Dermatologist though.
  • Get a good moisturiser. Your skin will go dry anywhere dryness is usually prone. If you get dry hands during winter normally, you will probably get dry hands on accutane. Another thing that may get dry and sometimes tear are your “intimate areas.” They do have specific products for this too, ask a pharmacist. The sides of your mouth may also experience some tears, the vaseline should help with this.
  • Start drinking Cranberry Juice and make sure you are having enough water. The drug will dry out all mucus membranes in your body, including your urinary system meaning that UTIs are much more likely to occur. Cranberry juice changes the pH of your urine to reduce pain if you get an infection and also makes it mildly antibacterial to help prevent them.
  • Other Mucus membranes that get dry are eyes and nose. The inside of your nose can get dry and make nosebleeds more likely. Using Vaseline in your nose before bed can help protect and moisturise it. A eye spray or drops for dry eyes is also useful to carry around. It will help when your eyes feel dry and tired.
  • Sun protection. You will become more prone to sunburn, even in temperate months. Using a sunscreen or an oil-free moisturiser with sun protection will help prevent it making your skin red, drier, sore or burnt. Sunglasses are also a good idea as your eyes will probably become majorly sensitive to any brightness.
  • Keep an eye out for low mood. The drugs deplete serotonin, so if your mood gets low frequently mention it to your dermatologist and see what you can do to prevent it becoming too low. If you feel you cannot cope then tell somebody.
  • Be gentle on your joints. I got horrible joint pain and sometimes I wouldn’t even feel like moving. Exercise is good for helping with your mood, but don’t do anything too strenuous on your joints. Stick to something gentle like Yoga. Anything that puts a lot of weight or pressure on your joints, like running or jumping, may not be a good idea. Avoiding carrying heavy weight will also reduce pressure on them. I used to Trampoline which is probably why mine got so painful. Now is not the time to start a strenuous exercise routine! Wait until your joints recover.
  • Try methods to increase concentration. Accutane shortened my attention span by quite a bit. Making sure you aren’t hungry in lessons or at work will help. A good night sleep can also help, as can regular gentle exercise.
  • Don’t expect instant results. The results are gradual. You will probably be on the drugs for 6months-1year. Don’t expect everything to be cleared up after 2 months. The results are so gradual you probably won’t notice them yourself. I found that after 3 months people did start commenting that it looked much better but I didn’t think it did myself. Try taking pictures every month so you can see how much better it actually has got.
  • Wash your hair less. The drug will also dry your hair out. I liked this side effect because my hair would never get greasy. I could leave it over a week. (Though I didn’t often out of habit.) This meant the ends of my hair actually got more moisturised as I wasn’t stripping oil from them by washing it. I got several comments on how nice my hair looked. This was my second favourite effect of the drug (after clearing my skin of course πŸ˜› ) While you are showering, try to avoid shampoo and just condition your hair instead. Only use shampoo when your roots start to become greasy. Some people may suffer hair loss due to dry scalp, try to keep yours in good condition. I did not get this effect so I don’t know much about it.

If you look on other sites, I’m sure there are many more tips as some people will have gotten different side effects to me. You probably will not get the exact same effects at the same intensity at me. I hope you have found my tips useful though! When you are feeling annoyed at the drug because of these side effects, just try to remember how much it’s improved your skin already and how it will continue to do so. You will come off the drug and when you do your skin will be so much better but those side effects will go away. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment πŸ™‚

*~*Good Luck!*~*

Body Shop Haul


Today, My Boyfriend very kindly went out to get a soothing eye mask for me after I woke up with massively swollen eyelids O.o He went to the Body Shop and also picked me up some other goodies! I will most likely be reviewing some of these things soon.

First is the eye mask itself. It is filled with a sort of gel. You put it into the fridge or freezer for a bit and it cools down. I have already used it and found it to be extremely soothing. It also did help to reduce the puffiness quite a bit. It can also be warmed up by leaving it in hot water. My boyfriend liked how it felt too!

Next thing was the Vitamin E Serum. I have never used a skin serum before and I thought it would be good to try this one. Especially since there was a offer on skin care products. You apply it before moisturiser, it is for all skin types.

I also got a Blue Corn 3 in 1 mask. This is supposed to be good for normal/oily skin. It is meant to cleanse, exfoliate and purify. The reviews for it are really good.

The skin care offer meant that I got a cocoa butter body butter for free! (Yay! Free stuff.) This stuff smells amazing (better than chocolate! >.< ) and I cannot wait to try it out. It is used for dry skin. I was surprised by how big the amount we got was, since it was free.

We also got a Cucumber and Mint shower gel for free because we got a body shop card. This also smells really lovely and it’s a big bottle. Very fresh and clean scented, which hopefully means it should wake us up when we take early morning showers.

Overall I was very impressed with the Body Shop. I always have loved the shop but I haven’t been in ages. The offers on were very generous and we got plenty of discount vouchers for 20-30% off our next shops, the card means a 10% discount anyway. We got a 20% discount off this shop just because it was between the 7-20th of February. In the UK we rarely get discounts and offers this good, most places tend to be quite stingy compared to other countries (Like the USA) so this was a really nice change. The actual products look really amazing too!

Quest Accepted!: Knitting

I have decided that I really want to learn how to knit. It seems like it would be so relaxing once I got the hang of it, and then you can get something really cute and unique out of it at the end too. Me and my friends I am sharing a flat with next year have decided this will be our thing. I have already bought some knitting needles off ebay, so it’s too late to back out now.


Last time I tried to knit it ended badly though. I got so frustrated with it that I gave up and never did so much as a single stitch. (I couldn’t stop it from slipping through every time.) I’m hoping that this time I will be more co-ordinated as I am now older and out of the clumsy child stage (kind of.)


Look at these adorable cupcakes! I would be very happy if I could learn to make something like this. A plain pink scarf will probably be my first project, seems more simple than something with detail, plus it will be warm to wear.

(Click on pictures for their original source.)

5 Beauty things that I Want in 2013!

While there are some things I will buy on Impulse, (Like cheap false eyelashes on eBay and nail polish) there are other things that I will want to buy and plan to later. Sometimes because they are more of an investment, sometimes for absolutely no reason. Here is a list of 5 Beauty things I want this year!

(Click on pictures for their original source/ In some cases where to get them!)

1) Elishacoy 3D Spin Cleaner


Moving to a city and living in the communal squalor of Univerisity Halls really dulls your skin, lots. I initially thought that my skin was becoming more oily again and this was making it in worse condition, but then I noticed that most other people here have encountered the same effect. I usually use a foam cleaner on my skin and find that is the only thing (other than soap) that doesn’t make my skin worse so I do not want to change that, but then I found this gadget.

This strange spinning contraption basically is a brush for your skin, claiming to offer gentle exfoliation and more effectively cleaning skin. I suspect this means it will solve my dull skin issue. However, the price. It costs around Β£45 and that is a lot of money! Might just have to add this to the birthday list.

2) The Perfect Coverage


I have yet to find the perfect skin coverage except for concealer, but this has led to me using it for my whole face (Not Ideal, I know.) I have tried so many foundations, but I have not been able to find a single one that suits me. I have oily skin but it also gets dry, I also need quite good coverage but I want it to looks smooth and silky. I think my best bet is to use my concealer sparingly and put a mineral powder over the top.

But nowhere in the UK has my colour! I have tried many beauty shops but the lightest colour they stock still comes up brown/orange on my skin, leading to the ever so unattractive neck line.

3) A Curling Wand


I’ve never had my own curling wand before. Except for a Babyliss kids one that used steam to curl (which unsurprisingly hardly dented my hair.) I have tried many times unsuccessfully to borrow my sisters, but I have decided to learn to do it properly this year.

This is kind of a cheat, because I already got this last week with a Christmas Giftcard! I have not had a chance to use it yet, but I really am hoping it will create beautiful formed curls in my hair. This Remington Pearl one (Same as the one I got) I a reasonable price for what I’ve been told is fantastic, and it also comes with a heat protecting glove. Which seems ideal for the accident prone like myself.

4) Velvet Nail Polish


I love special effect Nails! This velvet effect looks really awesome too, especially in Pink. It also looks really fun to create the effect using the two stage process. Only problem is that they seem to be pretty pricey.

5) Hair Chalk


These Hair Chalks just look awesome! It means I can try out the rainbow tips I’ve always wanted but never had the confidence to dye straight away, and also see what I would look like with green or red hair. They look really fun and the effect looks more like it’s been dyed than those spray on colours, plus you can create a much nicer ombre effect on your hair. The main reason I want these is because I want to dye my hair properly to rainbow tips, so they are just for testing purposes. I am hoping to find just the colours I want instead of a large multi-pack so it should be cheaper.