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My Most Used Make-Up Products


Today I’m going to show you my favourite make up products that I use to create my make up look. These are products that I use quite often. I usually do a dolly style make up, so I guess they’re suited for creating that look, but many of these products are versatile enough to be used in lots of different looks.


Face –Β  For a lighter every-day look, I use the Lily Lolo mineral powders in Porcelain and Flawless Matte. For a more heavy make-up looks I use the Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer in 1 (Fair) as a foundation (this stuff is amazing), along with Talcum powder as the mattifying powder. I then use the Etude House Highlighter, along with my natural collection blush in Pink cloud. If I’m feeling fancy I will use the Urban Decay Baked Bronzer for contouring.



Eyes – My eyes probably take the most effort in my make-up, I use my white kohl liner (from Barry M) to rim my waterlines and in the corners, I might use the Etude House Tear Eyeliner in the corners sometimes if I want a more glistening look.

I use L’Oreal Liquid Liner to draw on my eyeliner, (I really like this stuff too!) If anything goes wrong I will use the Simple pen to wipe off any mistakes.

The next stage I do is the eyeshadow. I use the Front Cover palette with eyeshadows in Cloud, Gold, Copper and Black. I also love my Bourjois Eyeshadow in White, it’s very shiny and highly pigmented.

I will then stick on my falsies. I have some thinner more everyday ones and thick dramatic looking ones which are great for nights out. I cut up a cheap under-lash strip to smaller pieces so I can stick them on individually, which makes them look better. I got all these lashes from eBay, they were all really cheap too which is nice. πŸ˜›

The final stage is mascara. I use maybelline great lash mascara, it’s one of the best ones I’ve used, thought it isn’t waterproof it doesn’t smudge easily once it’s dried. I concentrate on the ends of my lower lashes.


Lips – For my lips I don’t really have specific favourites just yet. I swap between different lip products all the time. My most favourite for colour is probably my Clinique chubby stick, it’s very light and natural.

For a more dramatic colour I just love the Tony Moly red lip tint, it doesn’t smudge at all once it has dried which is more than I can say for the 3 lipsticks and the Apocalips gloss.

I sometimes use a Too Faced lip plumper, the tingle feels nice and it makes my lips look marginally bigger, but I doubt my boyfriend would appreciate me wearing it around him. ;P

The Vaseline Cocoa Butter is really great for moisturising, especially in the evening.


Other – These are products that don’t really fit anywhere else. A Too Faced sparkle for special occasions, A collection 2000 make up fixant spray to hold everything in place. I use the 17 clear mascara to fix my eyebrows in place, it’s not so clear anymore from months of foundation, powder and eyebrow pencil contamination. If my eyebrows are looking their best I will use the Rimmel eyebrow pencil to shade them in so they look a bit neater.

*~*Hope you have enjoyed hearing about my favourite make-up products*~*


New Make-Up Haul!

I went to Boots with the intention of buying a CC cream. But I couldn’t resist the 3 for 2 offer they have on at the moment and ended up getting lots of other things.

The CC cream I tried was L’Oreal Nude Magique CC cream, I tried all three under-tones, the Apricot (Anti-Fatigue), the Mauve (Anti-Dullness) and the Green (Anti-Redness). I tried a patch of all of them on my hand and wrist, the Apricot and Green both went too dark for my skin (especially the apricot which was as I expected due to the orange undertone.) The Mauve was light enough for my skin, but it looked a little too grey for me so I decided to save my money and not get any of them.


What I did get all looks really great though. I got some basics that I’m always using, the Natural Collection Blush in Pink Cloud and the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in No.1 (Fair). This is the only concealer/foundation I’ve found that matches my skin tone, probably because it’s also meant to be an illuminator. It gives good coverage but I am looking for more light-weight foundation (probably mineral powder) to replace it with, if I can finally find one in my skin tone.

Then once I found those two of my make-up essentials, I obviously needed something else to finish the 3 for 2 deal πŸ˜› I have recently got a lot more interested in lip make-up, as I don’t have very much at the moment. So I got Rimmel London Lip Laquer in 303, Apocaliptic. It’s a really thick glossy pink. I also got some lipsticks for a more matte colour base, I got two from Barry M and one from Rimmel.


The Barry M ones I got were in 160 (Black Cherry), a dark plum purpley colour (bottom in the picture) , and in 157 (Pink Pearl), a shimmery pink colour (middle in the picture). It wasn’t too light pink so it hopefully won’t make my lips disappear. They’re both newer Barry M shades that are supposed to be more moisturising.

The Rimmel lipstick is in 160 (Rose Passion) it’s a red shade that is bright but not too in your face bright. (Top in the picture) I like it and I don’t have any red lipsticks so this will be new for me.

I also needed lip pencils to outline my lips, so I got a pink Barry M one in 23 and a Red Max Factor one in 10 (Red Rush). The final thing I got was a clear lip gloss to go over the lip sticks from Bourjois, it looks really shiny and I think it will give the lipsticks a wonderful shine. It was Number 18 in case any of you are looking for it.

I can’t wait to try out a bunch of new Lip looks! Hopefully I’ll be able to post up reviews for some of these items and also tutorials for a lip look or two.

*~*Are there any make-up items you have your eyes on right now?*~*

Cake Scented Deodorant

Ok, I came across this today and I already feel like I need it desperately. It looks like it would smell so yummy, and I love dessert scented things. I found this on the website Margarita Bloom. They make lots of other awesome looking cosmetics, but this stood out for me. It’s so rare to come across a specially scented deodorant.

Link to the deodorant here. (The picture is from there too.)


Look how adorable the packaging is too! It’s available in Lemon Pound cake and Strawberry Cake. Both sounds so delicious :3 I really want to get my hands on one and then review it here πŸ™‚ I can’t decide which flavour I would go for. I love strawberry so much so probably that, though lemon might be fresher for underarms. I haven’t even checked if they deliver to the UK yet though :/

I imagine it may be strange getting used to such a different scent for a deodorant but I love scented stuff so much I reckon I would adjust quickly πŸ˜‰ I think it would match my candyfloss perfume.

*~*What do you think? Awesome or Weird? *~*

Body Shop Haul


Today, My Boyfriend very kindly went out to get a soothing eye mask for me after I woke up with massively swollen eyelids O.o He went to the Body Shop and also picked me up some other goodies! I will most likely be reviewing some of these things soon.

First is the eye mask itself. It is filled with a sort of gel. You put it into the fridge or freezer for a bit and it cools down. I have already used it and found it to be extremely soothing. It also did help to reduce the puffiness quite a bit. It can also be warmed up by leaving it in hot water. My boyfriend liked how it felt too!

Next thing was the Vitamin E Serum. I have never used a skin serum before and I thought it would be good to try this one. Especially since there was a offer on skin care products. You apply it before moisturiser, it is for all skin types.

I also got a Blue Corn 3 in 1 mask. This is supposed to be good for normal/oily skin. It is meant to cleanse, exfoliate and purify. The reviews for it are really good.

The skin care offer meant that I got a cocoa butter body butter for free! (Yay! Free stuff.) This stuff smells amazing (better than chocolate! >.< ) and I cannot wait to try it out. It is used for dry skin. I was surprised by how big the amount we got was, since it was free.

We also got a Cucumber and Mint shower gel for free because we got a body shop card. This also smells really lovely and it’s a big bottle. Very fresh and clean scented, which hopefully means it should wake us up when we take early morning showers.

Overall I was very impressed with the Body Shop. I always have loved the shop but I haven’t been in ages. The offers on were very generous and we got plenty of discount vouchers for 20-30% off our next shops, the card means a 10% discount anyway. We got a 20% discount off this shop just because it was between the 7-20th of February. In the UK we rarely get discounts and offers this good, most places tend to be quite stingy compared to other countries (Like the USA) so this was a really nice change. The actual products look really amazing too!

Barry M Foil Effect and Limited Edition Pink Nail Polish Review


I found the Silver Foil effect nail Polish in Boots, they had a deal going so I also got the Pink Polish for free. I think the Pink was a limited edition Christmas special colour. I really like both colours actually. They are both by Barry M.


This is what the bottles look like. The cap of the pink one is really adorable. I like how they’ve made it look more special for a limited edition colour.


Here is what each of the colours look like on. The Silver isn’t as much of a Foil effect as I hoped it might be. Looks like a lot of other Silver polishes. Still a very pretty silver colour though, and very shiny. It did dry very quickly, meaning that if the paint wasn’t applied perfectly you may end up with an odd texture on the nail.

The pink is super shimmery. The glitter in it is small enough that the nail still feels mostly smooth, hopefully meaning the cotton pad will not get stuck into it when I try to remove the polish.


Here is a picture with flash on, this means you can see how shiny the paint is better.

My nails dried really fast, reducing the smudging risk and also no fingerprints on my nails.

I can no longer find the cost of the Foil effect on Boots :/ but Barry M is usually good value, and as the Pink came free I can’t speak on the cost side of that either. The Foil one is really cool and shiny, would go well with most other colours. The pink has created a very even coat so it looks like I’ve used expensive polish, It’s a shame that this one was limited edition because I really like it.

Barry M Magnetic Nail Polish Review

I’ve wanted a magnetic polish for a long time and the other day I saw they had them at boots. ^-^


I got the Barry M polish in the colour Neptune Sea. Its kind of a metallic grey with blue glitter in it. It is a pretty colour and I don’t have any other shades like it. It comes with a magnet that creates a kind of cross effect. Other shades had different pattern magnets so you can mix and match if you get more colours.


This is what the polish looks like applied on before you hover the magnet over it. Its quite a nice silver/grey/blue colour. But the real effect is only shown after using the magnet.


After the magnet is held over it for a short amount of time it creates this pattern. I found using the magnet really fun πŸ™‚ and each nail can look slightly different depending on the position of the magnet. It’s really easy to use, and I would say Idiot-Proof except for the fact that I dipped the magnet into my wet nails a couple times πŸ˜› And on some nails the pattern didn’t show up as well. That may be due to uneven distribution of magnetic particles as I didn’t shake to bottle between nails.


I really like the final effect πŸ™‚ the nails dry pretty fast too. I definitely want to get another magnet and polish colour. This bottle cost me Β£4.99, but you do get quite a bit of varnish for that price. I think I still need some practice to perfect the technique, but I found it easy to get a really nice effect on my first try, and the colour catches the light really well.