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Favourite Lolita Brand – Angelic Pretty

I think everyone has clothing brands that they have a special place in their heart reserved for. For lolita, mine is Angelic Pretty. My dream dress list could have the majority fulfilled with a giant, debt inducing shopping spree there (If they happened to re-release all my favourites at once!). So I have decided to do a post showing you why I love Angelic Pretty! It will show my (more recent) dream prints from them, so it will be biased towards the style I like. They also do some more gothic style stuff too!

All Images belong to Angelic Pretty, though I had to find some via tumblr/other blogs! I have linked where I found the Image so click the pictures for that (since most the dresses are no longer in stores.)


Melody Toys

This is their newly released print. I chose the high waist JSK to show you here because it’s my favourite of the series! I just love the cute detail on the top of the dress and those ruffles around the sleeves. This one is still being sold on Angelic Pretty (I found it on the European Site) so snap it up now while you still can! Though beware it does cost about Β£150!


Misty Sky

I was annoyed that I didn’t get myself the Light Blue JSK when I had the money saved up, but I left it too late! 😦 Hopefully they will do another re-release at the exact point I have money again πŸ˜‰ For those of you that dislike lolita shapes of dresses, Black Milk did a very similar print for a skater dress (see here) that you may be able to find someone selling since unfortunately it has sold out! I find the cloudy blue sky print so charming and relaxing. The floaty material of the AP dress is so lovely too.


Romantic Rose Letter

Another one that I didn’t decide I liked enough on time to get! My favourite was the skirt, I wasn’t a fan of the shapes of the top halves of this set. The print is lovely though, as is suggested by the name, it is very romantic. I would have loved to wear it with lots of floral hair accessories. The socks are really cute too. I love the ballet-style ribbon effect.


Sugar Hearts

The JSK is my favourite, it’s just such a cute print and I love the shape and the flowy light fabric. I think it would be really great in summer. I could make a ton of cute love heart jewellery to go with this, along with matching nails.

Ok so now I have shown you my favourite brand and why, what is your favourite? What would be your dream print from there? I would love to hear from you all πŸ™‚


Sunday Style Inspiration!: Anastasiya Shpagina

Anastasiya Shpagina is a girl from Ukraine who is known for her extreme style. She wears make-up and clothes that make her look like an anime character or a living doll. I find that her make-up is too extreme for me to try myself, but I still find it inspirational to see how she does it and it gives me ideas on how to do my own toned down make-up.

She has videos on YouTube too. Her channel is here. Her twitter account is here.

I found these pictures of her on Tumblr and Google Images, but I am sure that they were taken from her own blog (which I unfortunately could not find to link you to.)


I love her dress here. I think she looks just like a fairy.


I like how bold and over the top her make up is. It’s very striking.


The school girl style to this outfit makes her look like she’s walked straight out of a manga book.


She looks just like a woodland fairy.


Her hair here looks gorgeous. So flowy and wavy. I want to do mine like this.

*~*See you next week for more style inspiration!*~*