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Gyaru Magazines

Despite not being able to read or speak japanese, I still would love to get my hands on some gyaru magazines so I could flick through all the pretty pictures. Here is a (very quick) run through of some Gyaru magazines. I have only today discovered a website that has scanned in the pages of lots of these magazines, here. (Unfortunately no Ageha.)



Ageha is probably the most famous of all Hime Gyaru magazines, due to it’s focus being on Hime Gyaru more than other magazines. (As far as I know anyway πŸ˜› )



Egg is another one that seems popular among Hime Gyaru and Gyaru in general actually. It’s very popular.



Popteen is one aimed at a younger market than the other magazines mentioned here.



This one is definitely aimed at the more gyaru trend rather than Hime Gyaru.



Another one that aimed at teens. Jelly is this “older sister” version of this magazine. Ranzuki features lots of tutorials which I imagine would be helpful in creating a Gyaru look.

I would love to learn how to read any of these myself. I think it would be such an achievement. But in the meantime they can help me develop my make up, hair and clothing style and give me more inspiration ❀