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Guide to Finding Kawaii Clothing


Kawaii is the word for cute in Japanese. It’s a big thing over there and has seeped it’s way into their whole culture, just as how being seen as sexy has seeped it’s way into western culture. It has a relatively small following in the west of people who want to look cute rather than sexy, I personally love the kawaii style. It’s really girly and looks just lovely. The only issue is that since it isn’t so popular over here, finding clothes of that style can be a bit of a challenge if you don’t know where to look.


Firstly, probably the way most of you are most familiar with shopping, the High Street. If you go with an open mind you can actually find some pretty good stuff. In general anything Pastel can probably work in a cute outfit, but dolly-like dresses will also look great.

If you go to a high street shop looking for something specific (Like a bear-eared powder blue fuzzy hoodie) you will almost definitely be disappointed. However, if you are just looking for clothes that can work in a kawaii style outfit then you have a reasonable chance of finding something. The same criteria also goes for Charity Shops too of course. (Which have the added bonus of being super cheap and for a good cause.)


Storenvy or Etsy are good options for online shopping. You can find a lot of stuff on Storenvy that’s straight from Japan or Korea, a lot of the time the store owner will basically act as the middle person for you and help you get the items from there. I personally think this is a lot less hassle then trying to figure out a shopping service that isn’t fluent in your first language, but you might have to pay more money for this convenience. Etsy is great for finding original handmade items that only you will have, (there a several shops like that on Storenvy too) and lots of store owners will make custom orders for you if you need a specific size or item.


eBay is probably my favourite option. You will have a hard time finding any brands on there but they do have cheap cute clothing that usually has reasonable shipping as well. If you can spend the extra time sifting through a bunch of random items you can find some really good stuff. It might take a while to arrive and be extra careful that you are sure what you are ordering before you get it, but all my experiences have been very good. When I have had a fault with items the seller has always been so kind and either sent me another or given me a full refund with no disputes. Obviously other people might have different experiences, but if you pay using PayPal you can file a claim to get your money back if the seller is not genuine.


TaoBao and Rakuten are basically the Chinese and Japanese versions of eBay. This means there is a lot more choice of clothing on there that would fit into Kawaii fashion and it’s mostly quite cheap. They even have some brands like DreamV (on Rakuten.) Sounds Ideal,  right? There are a few drawbacks.

Personally, I have never got the hang of TaoBao. It’s in Chinese and while you could use Google Chrome to translate the page, I would always be worried that the translation was inaccurate or there would be other problems because of that. I find Rakuten far easier to use, though it does tend to be the slightly more costly of the two. You will need to use a shopping service to buy from TaoBao, (and possbily Rakuten, I’m not sure) which might be hard to organise.

The biggest issue though is the huge cost of shipping internationally. You have to pay for the shopping service, shipping and customs which sometimes means people pay more for the delivery than the cost of the actual item. Be aware of these costs and be sure you would be willing to pay that much for the items.


There are lots of sites that sell Asian fashion or Kawaii clothing specifically that you can use. Such as Yesstyle. However I would be careful with any of these websites. Sometimes a website that looks promising may be a scam, so always check reviews. Sometimes the quality may not be good or there may be other issues with your order. You can find genuine sites that offer good quality and prices on their clothes, I have heard some good reviews about Yesstyle (but also some negative) but I haven’t heard enough about these sites to recommend any to you.

If you are into a specific type of kawaii style (like lolita or Gyaru) then there will be a bunch of sites that are great for you. (Such as Bodyline for Lolita.) (For my quick quide to hime gyaru brands click here) I just don’t have the space to write a guide for specific styles in this entry! If you google ‘where to buy gyaru/lolita/etc’ I am sure there will be lots of blog entries for you to read that will help! Hopefully I can make my own guide soon too!

Click images for sources

*~*Hope my guide has been helpful to you! Good Luck*~*


Sunday Style Inspiration!: Misa Amane

This week is the first Sunday Style Inspiration about a fictional character, Misa Amane from the Death Note series. Death note is an amazing manga and anime so if you haven’t seen it yet I can recommend it.

Misa is my favourite anime/manga girl, mostly for her outfits. She can be quite ditzy and annoying at times but she has so many amazing outfits! She has quite a gothic or punky style.

I definitely want to cosplay her at somepoint, I think it would be really fun and I already have the majority of things I would need to do it. ;P

(Click pictures for where I found them)

WARNING!: May contain some mild spoilers.


I want socks like these!


I want these stockings too!


I think this is my favourite outfit of hers! The massive boots and over sized jacket look so cute. Why is all her hosiery so damn awesome?!


I really want to try out her hairstyle. I’m not sure it will suit me though.


Another adorable outfit. I really love how she is drawn.


Her on the cover of one of the manga.


That bow and cross necklace mix is so cute. For some reason the Japanese goth style features crosses so heavily.


I definitely need an oversized jacket. They look so cool!

*~*Hope you have enjoyed this weeks Sunday Style Inspiration!*~*

Sunday Style Inspiration!: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is a Japanese pop singer. Her music is very cutesy and she really is a great example of Japanese ‘kawaii’ culture. She is 20 years old and she does perform worldwide too. I chose her as this weeks inspiration because she has a really unique style and her stage outfits are just incredible.

Here are some pictures of her. (Click for Sources)


I really like the Pom Pom skirt, I think she looks just like a piece of candy!


This is very over the top Fairy Kei style! It looks so cute.


An outfit she wore for Halloween. The spider veil is really creepy! But also interesting and I haven’t seen anyone else wear anything like that before.


Another fairy outfit, I think she is so adorable.

Here are some of her Music Videos. It’s probably the best way to get a feel of what her style is like.

Pon Pon Pon.

This is probably her song that has most popularity in the west. The video is very creepy cute and bizarre, which I think is why it spread so much.


I love the dance at the table in this one. I really want to force some of my friends into doing that with me ;P


This is so catchy! It’s been stuck in my head for days.

Candy Candy

I just love the petal skirt here! It’s so cool looking, I bet it took her costume team ages to make.

Ninjya Re Bang Bang

And here she is as a Ninja, just because Ninjas are cool ^-^

*~*Hope you enjoyed this weeks inspiration! See you next Sunday!*~*

Teeny Tiny Fimo Sushi Tutorial (and Dessert!)


I love using Fimo clay. It’s just like Play-Doh for (slightly more) grown ups! You can make mini charms that you can use for jewellery or in a dolls house. After modelling the charms you bake them in the oven and they set. This is how I made the Nigiri sushi. I’ve been craving sushi for a couple of days now and this hasn’t helped one bit.


The first thing I did was make the ‘rice.’ To do this I made a long thin shape with the white fimo and cut it into small pieces.


This should be the finished product. See how it looks like rice? It doesn’t have to be too perfect as you will just be squashing it later anyway.


Squash the rice into little rectangles. By using the ‘rice grains’ to make the sushi base it will give it a texture that looks like rice. If you can’t be bothered to do this frankly time-consuming step, then you can just give some texture to white fimo rectangles using a pen tip or necklace chain. I like this method because I think it’s a bit more realistic.


Marble white and pinky-red clays together to create a pattern that looks a bit like fish. If you layer the clays and squash them, then continue doing this it will create a streaky effect. I still roll the clay around because fish usually isn’t in perfect lines anyway.


Cut or tear small rectangles out of the ‘fish’ clay. Put these on top of the ‘rice’ rectangles.


Use a dark green clay to wrap a thin piece around each nigiri. This will look like the seaweed that is used to attach the fish to the rice.


I rolled up the spare ‘fish’ clay into a long thin shape and then twisted it into a spiral to make a lollipop. It’s better than wasting the spare clay as now it’s mixed you can’t separate the colours.


After baking the fimo clay, I used a gloss/varnish to give it a shine. If it’s too matte it will not look natural.

The Finished Result:


The shine on the fish makes it look far more realistic.



Look how tiny the charms are! You can attach them to chain links which means they can be used in jewellery.


I cut up some cocktail sticks to make tiny chopsticks.


Real chopsticks to show how small they are.

*~*Have fun trying this 🙂 *~*


Liz Lisa & My Melody Collaboration!

Liz Lisa had recently opened pre-orders on items for their collaboration with My Melody, and as expected there are some massively adorable items available! I think this release kind of overshadows their Summer 2013 collection which looks quite limited and some of the items are not shaped as well as I would like for an item that costs as much.

(Click on pictures for their source)


These are definitely my favourite of the range. I’m not quite sure why, maybe it’s because they are so unique looking and I can’t imagine finding similar ones elsewhere. The print is so cute :3 and they look extremely comfy.


A pink, comfy looking cardigan that’s also part of the range. I like how slouchy and relaxed it looks.


This make up bag is so adorable and looks like it has plenty of space to hold make up. I like bags that have enough space for everything, tiny little bags annoy me so much >.< The lace frills and my melody emblem is just so sweet.

*~*Are any of you planning to order anything?*~*

Cherry Blossom Nail Tutorial


Firstly, I would like to apologise for my absence from blogging the last week and a bit, I have been so busy! But I am back with a nail tutorial for you! This is the first time I have tried these, I was feeling inspired by all the beautiful pictures I have seen on twitter recently of the cherry blossom trees. They turned out ok, but I think next time I would use paler colours and have many more petals and fewer full flowers.


Do a base colour of a sky blue, if you feel like it you could add clouds but I was worried that this would hide the detail of the cherry blossoms.


Do black outlines of petals and full flowers. I made the petals a little heart shaped instead of just tear drop shape so they look more interesting, and to me this looks more cherry blossom like. In future I would try to make the petals more full and round, and also more curved looking too.


Fill in the outline in a light pink, then while it was still dry I did white highlights and attempted to blend them in. All my highlights face the top of my nail, so the shading is consistent looking.


To finish, I dabbed some yellow and orange dots in the middle of the full flowers, they blended together into a large multi-tonal circle instead of separate dots but I still think it looks quite nice :)I then cleaned up the edges using nail polish remover.

*~*Hope you have enjoyed this nail tutorial! Good Luck*~*

Ex Cute dolls!

I quite like the idea of those adorable dolls that you dress up and can match your outfit to. I’ve looked at Blythe and Pullip dolls in the past but something about their features has just put me off spending that much money on one. I find them a little creepy at times to be honest. Then I stumbled across what appears to be the Japanese Equivalent, Ex Cute dolls!

I have found them on amiami.com, All the pictures are from there. Click on them to link to the product.

They’re quite pricey :/ But no more so than a Blythe or Pullip Doll and I think they are much cuter.


I love this Mori Girl look! The bunny ears outfit is adorable!

ImageThis is one of my favourites that I found. The little teddy is so endearing and those booties are adorable.


The Red dress here looks really nice. Looks good quality too, the texture seems like real velvet.


I love the range of little Witches they have. I think they are so cute and I like their little witchy accessories. The outfit and wand here are just amazing.


Another favourite. Doesn’t she look a bit like Alice in Wonderland? Such cute little shoes and I love her hair.


She is so awesome! I love the pink hair, and the cat-ear hood and stockings is something that I would wear myself. She has a cute little cat too.

I can’t decide which is my favourite! There are plenty more out there too. These are just the ones I found that I thought looked really adorable. I want one to dress up and get lots of outfits for!

*~*Which is your favourite?*~*