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Favourite Lolita Brand – Angelic Pretty

I think everyone has clothing brands that they have a special place in their heart reserved for. For lolita, mine is Angelic Pretty. My dream dress list could have the majority fulfilled with a giant, debt inducing shopping spree there (If they happened to re-release all my favourites at once!). So I have decided to do a post showing you why I love Angelic Pretty! It will show my (more recent) dream prints from them, so it will be biased towards the style I like. They also do some more gothic style stuff too!

All Images belong to Angelic Pretty, though I had to find some via tumblr/other blogs! I have linked where I found the Image so click the pictures for that (since most the dresses are no longer in stores.)


Melody Toys

This is their newly released print. I chose the high waist JSK to show you here because it’s my favourite of the series! I just love the cute detail on the top of the dress and those ruffles around the sleeves. This one is still being sold on Angelic Pretty (I found it on the European Site) so snap it up now while you still can! Though beware it does cost about ยฃ150!


Misty Sky

I was annoyed that I didn’t get myself the Light Blue JSK when I had the money saved up, but I left it too late! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Hopefully they will do another re-release at the exact point I have money again ๐Ÿ˜‰ For those of you that dislike lolita shapes of dresses, Black Milk did a very similar print for a skater dress (see here) that you may be able to find someone selling since unfortunately it has sold out! I find the cloudy blue sky print so charming and relaxing. The floaty material of the AP dress is so lovely too.


Romantic Rose Letter

Another one that I didn’t decide I liked enough on time to get! My favourite was the skirt, I wasn’t a fan of the shapes of the top halves of this set. The print is lovely though, as is suggested by the name, it is very romantic. I would have loved to wear it with lots of floral hair accessories. The socks are really cute too. I love the ballet-style ribbon effect.


Sugar Hearts

The JSK is my favourite, it’s just such a cute print and I love the shape and the flowy light fabric. I think it would be really great in summer. I could make a ton of cute love heart jewellery to go with this, along with matching nails.

Ok so now I have shown you my favourite brand and why, what is your favourite? What would be your dream print from there? I would love to hear from you all ๐Ÿ™‚


Shironuri Fashion


I hadn’t heard about this style until very recently, its been gaining more popularity on Tumblr which is where I first found it. I call it a fashion, but there is no limit to what clothes are suitable for this style. The only important aspect of the style is a painted white face, the word Shironuri means painted white. It refers to the make-up of geisha and Japanese traditional actors.


It doesn’t just have to be the face, you can use the white make-up on your neck and other visible skin too if you aren’t a fan of the ‘end of foundation’ type make up lines. If you just do the face then it looks like a mask, which is pretty cool but not to everyones personal preference.


Usually the rest of the make up is pretty dramatic, I haven’t seen any instances where people do a subtle eye with the white face but it might exist somewhere. It’s quite a fun look though and I personally think that eye make up is the area that’s the most fun to do, plus without it the one tone face may look too harsh or a little boring.


The style really is a form of art, it’s so beautiful and striking. It’s a look that takes a lot of guts to pull off since it’s very different to what people are used to seeing so it’s sure to attract lots of attention to you, possibly not positive attention either.


Probably the most well-known (on Tumblr) shironuri is Minori. A lot of her make up is really intricate and she definitely pulls off the look fantastically. You can find more pictures of her on her website, here. This is where I found these pictures of her. (Pictures 1,3 and 5)


The look is starting to catch on in the west now, not enough that you’re likely to see anyone in the street wearing it but enough for western girls to try their hand at this dramatic look and to post the results onto tumblr. (Such as PastelBat, shown above.) I can see why, it looks really fun to try out and there are so many creative possibilities.


As always click on the pictures for their source.

*~*Thanks for reading, What do you think of this fashion? Would you ever try it?*~*

How to dress Hime Gyaru

A while ago I did a post on how to dress lolita so now I am doing one on how to dress Hime Gyaru. It’s much more difficult to do a “how to dress” for any gyaru style because part of the style is that it is supposed to be innovative and different. This means that lots of different things can be considered Gyaru. So this post is specific to Hime Gyaru (although other Gyaru styles share similar make-up, and some aspects of hair are similar too.)

Hime Gyaru is all about looking princess-like. So while obviously you do not have to stick by the recommended clothing, there are some ways you can make your co-ord more obviously Hime gyaru. This guide is intended to be used to help people just getting into the style to put together a co-ord or to get an idea of the style, not to stop other Gals from adding their own flair and developing the style further to suit them.



Or a Top and Skirt as the case may be. In general pinks, florals, lace, bows, ruffles and cute details are apparent in the dress. This gives it a more princess-like feel. Short dresses are more common than long ones, and the shape of the dress shown in the picture above lends itself easily to Hime Gyaru. Careful not to make the skirt too puffy or long or you risk looking more lolita than gyaru. Many Hime Gyaru will adopt a Hime Kaji (Casual Hime) look as it is easier to wear everyday.



Big hair is something that is very common in the gyaru look, as is using lots of hair accessories. Many Gyaru will use extensions or half wigs to make the hair bigger and longer. The idea of the hair is to make it look big, glamorous and princess-like. Though some Gyaru will have more natural hair styles.



Hime Gals tend to have very pretty shoes! I am jealous I do not have a pair of my own. Girly prints, fabric and decorations are all over Hime Gyaru feet. I think it really finishes off the outfit and ties everything all together.



Hime Gyaru tend to have very ornate nails. Cool patterns and decorations fit so well into the style. The look is very over the top. Of course if you need to use your hands it might not be convenient to get massive fake nails, well groomed short nails or cute nail art on natural nails can look just as lovely.

ย Accessories have kind of been covered with Hair and Shoes. You can also use jewellery or bags that are decorated in the Hime style (eg. Lace, Pinks, Over the top girly deocrations) and these will tie the outfit together perfectly.

Feel free to experiment with the fashion! The whole point of Gyaru is to rebel from the norm and part of that is dressing in your own style! Try to develop your own personal spin on the style!

*~*Hope you have enjoyed my guide*~*

What is Agejo fashion?

I haven’t found much on word press about Agejo at all, which I find quite surprising as it is reasonably well known in the gaijin gyaru world. (I have no idea how common the style is in Japan itself.) The term Agejo came from Ageha magazine, which is a famous Gyaru magazine. Because it’s origins are from a gyaru magazine, the look itself is very gyaru. It has many similar aspects, the main difference I have found is that Agejo has aspects similar to Lingerie. Such as stockings, garters or corset lacing, while gyaru looks do not tend to include that.

The make up, nails and hair are pretty much the same as Gyaru (as far as I can tell anyway.) They also use circle lenses. Agejo girls also seem to share the same love of Decoden on everything as Gyaru do, and there is often massive overlap between clothing brands.

Once aspect of Agejo fashion is that it is very common in host clubs in Japan. Being Agejo may make people assume that you are a hostess, even when some girls aren’t.

Here are some examples of Agejo fashion:



Note the use of stockings and garters? The top girl is also wearing what looks like a Babydoll. Obviously not all Agejo girls will dress like this all the time, I’ve seen quite a lot of pictures of girls in long dresses too, but one thing all the girls have in common is that they look very glamorous.

MA*RS Spring collection 2013

I’ve done some snooping through the new Spring collection on the MA*RS website, I find a lot of the actual MA*RS stuff isn’t something I would wear really, and this collection is no exception. There are some items that are just lovely though. I have taken all images off the MA*RS online shop, just click on the picture to go to that item. If you want to browse the new collection click here.


First up is this dress, the colours are really striking and pretty, and I do like the look of the fabric. The shape just isn’t something I would personally wear. It must be impossible to hide your bra strap at the back.


I do really like this dress. It has the same lovely material as the last one, but I find the shape much nicer and also the little pink underskirt is really cute. This is definitely something I could see myself wearing. It looks like it would be great if you were going for a more dark look, or for a change from pastel colours.


I really like Hime Gyaru style, so obviously I have to show something from Princess Melody (Brand by Himena Osaki.) I tend to find this brand has a lot more stuff I would wear anyway, it very princess-like and cute. This dress looks perfect for summer days in the park.

*~*Hope you have enjoyed my quick sum up of the new MA*RS collection, I may do some other brands soon too!*~*

Gyaru/Lolita (or any other style) on a Budget!

Gyaru is not a cheap style. The brand clothing is expensive, the more popular cosmetics are expensive and many of the hair additions are expensive. So what happens after you blow all your savings on those Jesus Diamante shoes? Or if you’re just starting out and don’t have enough for the full look? Fear not! I have compiled a few money saving tips. If you have any tips of your own please do not be afraid to add it in the comments ^-^ (Many if not all these tips will also be relevant for Lolita or other styles too)



Make-up can be expensive. Especially in Gyaru with all the different cosmetics you use. Considering most use several colours just for the face it can add up quickly! I used to buy most my cosmetics from a Pharmacy, but even their cheapest brand can be rather pricey if you need enough for the look. Plus the quality may not be fantastic. Recently, I have been using eBay for most of my cosmetics. You can find Korean/Japanese cosmetics for so cheap on there if you find the right shop. But watch out for fakes! False eyelashes are also available super cheap on either eBay or Amazon! And if you cut the lashes into smaller bits to glue on individually you can make them look more expensive than they really are.

Did you know that Korea is far ahead of western countries in terms of their cosmetics? They develop great quality make up and companies invest large amounts in developing cutting edge cosmetics. (Such as a Skin Cream version of Botox!) This means that most their cosmetics will be a high quality (even the cheap ones) and as they are far ahead of us.

Another thing you can try for skin care is DIY recipes. Such as a whipped egg white face mask that is good for tightening and purifying skin. It’s also very cheap and you can use the mask as a body mask to tighten areas prone to cellulite. Add Apple cider vinegar to the mask to make it even more purifying.

I save money on expensive face powder by using Talcum powder instead. One giant bottle of the stuff costs less than a single tiny palette of powder and will last you so much longer. A tiny amount of Talcum Powder will absorb any oil and shine for ages and barely needs to be topped up. Many of my friends were concerned that it would make them go white, but the amount needed is so small that it hardly makes you go paler. If (like me) you cannot find a foundation or concealer light enough, than this stuff will turn down the orange factor of it. Be careful not to inhale deeply while applying it as it has a tendency to go up your nose. (I have no idea how safe this is! So be aware, and note that in some countries it may not be the same formula)



For hair products, I would not recommend skipping on things like a moisturiser or heat protector. Gyaru hair is very damaging and you do not want to destroy your hair. Though it is likely you can find a cheaper alternative to your normal product on eBay. There are also lots of DIY recipes you can make, such as hair masks, to repair any damage for cheap. For Instance, Olive oil and egg is supposed to be good to apply to hair before washing. Though I haven’t tried it personally. I have tried solid coconut oil though, as it is meant for cooking it is cheap. But it makes a great hair mask to use pre-wash (and is also a body moisturiser.) Additions to hair, such as extensions, are far cheaper on eBay. I got my clip in extensions from a Chinese seller on eBay, they are good quality Remy human hair and were far cheaper than from a western shop. eBay can also be a place to buy cheap but good quality wigs, look for things like kanekalon fibre (which is soft and not too fake looking) and you can always apply talcum powder to tone down how shiny it is (again making it more realistic)



Many high street shops will sell clothing that could easily fit into gyaru style, such as floral or lace dresses. Just adding some accessories like clip on bows can give it a more over the top look for cheaper than Gyaru brands. For lolita, you can find shirts and cardigans that will suit your style on the high street easily, just add them to a lolita skirt or Jumper dress. Another place to check is Bodyline, they offer much cheaper lolita clothes than the brands do, as well as TaoBao (which will need a shopping service, which can cost as much as the items!). Also, some forums (or Ebay or Facebook groups) will have lolitas selling on their old clothing at a fraction of the original price. Local charity shops may also be worth a browse for either style.

One of the best ways to save money on clothing is to make some of it yourself. There are patterns available online and you can use cheap fabric, and it means that you have a one off piece that nobody else will have!

*~*Hope you have enjoyed my tips! Please leave any more you have in the comments*~*

Lifestyle Lolita/Gyaru

One thing that comes up a lot with Lolita and Gyaru fashion is the aspect of being a lifestyle lolita/gyaru. Many people have many different definitions for what “Lifestyle” actually means. To some it means that you dress in that way in your everyday life instead of just the occasional meet-up or such, but to others it means that you act and live in a particular way that is deemed to fit with that style.


I don’t particularly like the second definition. The idea that you should change your personality and how you live to fit a particular role just seems kind of wrong to me. Obviously, I would be far less inclined to go to a metal concert or go clubbing in an expensive and impractical lolita or gyaru outfit. But the fact that you identify yourself as a lolita or gyaru does not mean you shouldn’t be able to do things you enjoy, even if it means taking a more practical approach to the style or wearing casual clothes for an evening.

Some girls even feel they should change their taste in music and the way they talk to fit with the fashion! This is something that I would highly advise new lolita/gyaru NOT to do. Your own individuality is something that makes us each different, and without us having different quirks and personalities meeting up with other lolita/gyaru would quickly become rather boring. Plus when somebody has a strong sense of themselves about an outfit, it makes the co-ordinate so much more interesting. If you wear something that does not feel like you then you will appear swamped by the outfit and ooze a sense of being uncomfortable, and there is nothing that can make your meticulously chosen outfit look like dress up faster than not looking comfortable in it.


Contrary to what you may hear, You can still have a lolita/gyaru outfit without every single element of the fashion involved. Want to wear Hime Gyaru but feel silly with giant hair? Then leave out the wigs and hair teasing. Feel uncomfortable in Make-Up? You can go nude faced. Don’t like showing your legs? There are trouser or long skirt options available. You can even wear tracksuit bottoms if you feel so inclined, the look can still be very Hime Kaji (A casual Hime Gyaru style.)

Though there is a point that the look will no longer be gyaru or lolita. (Eg. If you wear jeans and a plain t-shirt with no other touches at all) but if you do really want to dress in a Gyaru/Loli style then I doubt you would end up at that stage.

I love Hime Gyaru style, and also Lolita. But I will not stop listening to my metal music or stop any non-stereotypical hobbies just to fit into the parameters laid out by “lifestyle” gyaru anytime soon.